8 ways to self-care throughout the coronavirus disruption [WITH FREE GIFTS]

Many of us can feel unsettled, uncomfortable and even anxious when sudden changes occur, or there are disruptions to our usual routines. In light of our decision last week to cancel all in-person activities, and with the government’s latest updates to stay at home due to Covid-19, we know that many within our quiet community […]

Action Nan at TEDxTruro: How you can create change in quiet ways

Affectionately known as Action Nan, Pat Smith stands tall with fire in her belly. You can feel her passion from the back of the room. You can also sense that standing centre-stage on a red carpet in the TEDxTruro spotlight isn’t where she feels most at home. I imagine doing a TED Talk is a […]

The Therapeutic Benefit of Creative Writing: Finding a voice when I was unsure I had one. 

Writing creatively can be very therapeutic. Research has shown that oral and written storytelling can enrich our spiritual and cultural lives and help us heal from past traumas and abuse. Sometimes people write their own life narrative and their writing is autobiographical in nature. Writing about daily experiences, that is, writing rooted in one’s own […]

4 simple techniques I used to slay my dragons of anxiety as a wedding guest

In the early budding stage of our relationship, my boyfriend’s sister invited me to her wedding. Upon receiving this news, I mentally responded in two ways. Firstly I was filled with elation, after all, she was betting on us being together a whole year into the future, a potentially risky move for a bride. Who […]

3 strategies to manage anxiety I learnt at university

I’ve come to the point in my life where I realise that what I did one day does not epitomise who I am; but it epitomised who I was that day. I look back to things I’ve done even in the last week and cannot understand how I did them -it becomes unrecognisable to me […]

How you can get started running when you’re feeling self-conscious]

Do you feel self-conscious when exercising? You’re not alone. It’s a challenge that has come up in conversation in our community groups, online and has even been the topic of some of our coaching sessions recently. Well, there’s a few of us in our Quiet Community who have now become determined to push through the […]

9 inspiring quotes for when you’re feeling anxious

I have been quite guilty of rolling my eyes at ‘inspirational quotes’, seeing them as cliché and pointless; the same empty words constantly regurgitated. To a certain extent, I think this is possibly a valid way of seeing them, as quite often they don’t really seem to hold any meaning. The flip side of this, […]

3 reasons you need to have that tough conversation today

Let’s face it, we would all rather avoid uncomfortable feelings if it were at all possible. This includes avoiding tough conversations. When we feel hurt or vulnerable, our first response is often to do anything we can to move away from that feeling. We might be choosing to be burying our heads in the sand […]

Georgina's best songs to combat anxiety

Georgina’s top 5 songs to play to combat anxiousness

Music can have such a big impact upon anxiousness- whether that’s songs that you can relate to; songs that pick you up and empower you; or songs that remind you of all the things in life that make it worth living (see my Top 7 songs to inspire and empower you shared last week). I find silence can […]

Songs that inspire and empower

Georgina’s top 7 songs to inspire and empower you

I spend a lot of time listening to music, I cannot stand driving without music playing (even if it’s just a five minute drive to the supermarket), and I like to fill silences with music, whether it’s out loud or through headphones. Music can make such a difference in managing our emotions.  Today, I’m focusing […]

What is happiness to you?

What is happiness to you?

Did you know there are three aspects of happiness? In order to feel truly happy, we have to fulfil each of these areas: Pleasure, Engagement and Meaning. Let’s briefly explore why each of these components are important to your happiness; what activities might look like in each area; and the kind of things that could […]