Quiet Connections: our story

Our Reason For Being

Everyone deserves to be shown that they belong. That's why we're changing the culture of shame around those of us who are quieter by speaking the unspoken and reframing 'quiet'.

"We believe that no one should feel alone, broken or ashamed, the way that we did"

What's the Challenge?

Talking about our self-doubt and our anxieties in social situations is still taboo. We tend to think we should be able to do certain things, like talk to strangers and speak up, just because other people seem to manage with ease. It can feel like we’re the only person struggling.
In reality, this is a huge, unspoken issue:
  • over 1 in 10 people feel socially anxious (around 6.6 million adults in the UK!)
  • and 2 in 5 people consider themselves to be shy
So many of us feel awkward in social situations and think bad of ourselves for it; believing we're defective in some way or not good enough.
At the heart of it, for all of us, is that deeply painful feeling of believing we're flawed; 'less than' others and therefore not worthy of belonging; protecting ourselves by avoiding situations in which our flaws might be seen by other people the best we can. Missing so many of the good things in life and affecting our education, career, relationships, health and wellbeing.
We want to change this.




"I'm so glad I found you. It's so nice to know that others are going through similar things. What I like most is being able to talk to others who have similar issues, learning how to overcome those using different techniques to control anxiety. It's been a great way of making new friends with similar stories."

- Claire

How are we changing this?

By speaking the unspoken, reframing quiet and creating safe, supportive spaces where people can connect, stretch and grow.


"We'd all feel less weird and alone if everyone were more honest and open about how they feel. That's why we're making it part of our mission to talk about the quiet stuff that still seems a little taboo"

How do we support people who are feeling anxious in social situations?

We work with people who are experiencing that deeply painful feeling of believing they’re flawed; ‘less than’ others and not worthy of belonging and who are protecting themselves by withdrawing, hiding, staying small and silent; avoiding any situation in which their flaws might be seen by other people the best they can.

Some people might call this 'social anxiety', 'shyness', or just 'too quiet'. For others it might be a sense of being ‘defective’ or ‘not good enough’.

Bringing like-minded people together, we're creating a community of understanding and a safe place for you to grow in confidence and self-acceptance, make friends and practice your social abilities. Look out for get-togethers and courses or ask us about coaching.


Bringing people together with similar stories, creating a community of understanding and empathy where you know you're not alone, giving you a sense of reassurance and belonging and creating new caring friendships.


Creating safe spaces with support and encouragement to have a go at new things and practise using your social abilities, gradually stretching your comfort zone at a realistic and achievable pace so you can grow your confidence.


Updating unhelpful thoughts, behaviours and beliefs through coaching and courses; promoting self-exploration and sharing tools for working with your emotions.


How do we work with people within the community to better support those who are experiencing social anxiety together?

We work with families, educators and organisations to increase awareness and understanding of social anxiety; sharing insights and starting conversations to inspire you in creating nurturing spaces and relationships that show people who are feeling socially anxious and not good enough that they really do belong, and support them to connect, stretch and grow right where they are.

Look out for our awareness events, ask us about training or speaking and please help us by sharing our work.

Sharing Stories

Bringing the stories of people who feel socially anxious to you, so they can have their voices heard in a safe way.


Designing and delivering courses for specific groups, supporting people in identifying changes they could choose to make.


Shining a spotlight on the culture of shame surrounding 'quiet' and its effects on the people who feel socially anxious and the wider society through awareness events.

Who are we?

Quiet Connections is a Community Interest Company and this is our Board of Directors

Hayley Stanton

Hayley Stanton

Coach & Managing Director

Stacie Clark

Stacie Clark

Coach & Community Coordinator

Stacey Mills

Stacey Mills

Psychological Therapist

Jason Crabtree

Jason Crabtree

Registered Nurse

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