How Quiet Connections began

Hello, we’re Hayley and Stacie, the original Quieteers.

We’re proud to be on a mission to change the world with and for quiet people. But it’s been a long journey to get here and be able to say that with confidence.

We have both always been quiet. We were described as ‘painfully shy’ children – and that’s exactly how it felt. We used to feel so bad about who we were, battling with intense anxiety in social situations and through education, and worrying about our value in society.

Well into our teens and twenties we struggled, avoiding (and missing out on) so many opportunities…until, thanks to supportive coaches and counsellors, we began to realise that our quietness was actually our strength.

Before we’d even met we had both decided to turn our focus to studying and more deeply understanding introversion, to help others facing the same challenges that we had. Through this we learnt how to manage our anxiety and how to work with our personality type, not against it. And, over time, we inevitably built more meaningful relationships with those around us and became more comfortable and confident in our own skin.

We came together at the School for Social Entrepreneurs with similar ideas to create change – and that was a special thing! It only fuelled our passion for helping other quiet people to flourish and for advocating for more equal opportunities in society. We saw that together we could do so much more…and so Quiet Connections has blossomed through our union.

We’re so glad you’re here, fellow Quieteer. Together we can create a ripple effect of positive change for you, for us and for all of our wonderful quiet community.