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We're so glad you're here. You're on the path to quiet confidence (and beyond!) and that is worth celebrating!


We know that low confidence is holding you back in life. Whether you’re feeling too socially anxious to leave the house and have some fun, or not good enough to pursue your dreams and live the fulfilling life you deserve.

Something inside of you is stopping you from showing up and being seen. 

Part of you keeps you small and quiet, because it feels safer than showing up as your true self and risking judgement, criticism and rejection. But deep down, you know you’ll be happier in life if you’re following your heart, taking a few risks, reaching out and connecting with others, but that protector within you feels powerful and determined to keep you safe the only way it knows how… by hiding the real you away.  

You start to think that there’s something wrong with you as you compare yourself to others. You’re telling yourself you ‘should’ be able to do certain things, because other people seem to cope so easily. But you’re struggling to summon the courage and clarity you need to move through the panic and anxiety you feel. 


There comes a time when you can no longer avoid

speaking up and being seen...


Hi! We're Hayley and Stacie, 

Together, we help quieter and more sensitive people like you with:

  • developing strategies to manage social anxiety & overcoming that feeling of not being good enough so that you can let go of your tendency to hide yourself away; 
  • reconnecting with your inner knowing and sense of purpose, exploring the strengths of your quieter qualities so that you can finally appreciate the light within yourself;
  • practising your uniquely impactful ability to express yourself & uncovering your quiet confidence so that you can walk a path that’s aligned with your true nature and live a more fulfilling life.

Ultimately, we're here to help you show up and be seen and heard in life so that you can make the connections and contributions in the world that your compassionate heart desires.

Because we’ve been where you are...

We know your pain, because we were the quiet ones too. The ones who would freak out whenever someone would talk to us. We know what it’s like to feel unable to ask for the help you need, and instead pretend to be okay. We've felt the fierce panic that the mere mention of the words ‘presentation’ and ‘interview’ can trigger.

We were so embarrassed about how ‘flawed’ we were, we just wanted to hide ourselves away. So we did everything we could to avoid speaking in front of people or being the centre of attention; from declining social invitations to the point we stopping getting asked, to sabotaging job applications making sure we didn’t get an interview, and pretending we had no dreams of our own we wanted to follow to avoid the risk of judgement and criticism.

We spent years of our lives rejecting ourselves so that other people didn’t have a chance to.

It doesn’t have to be this hard...

It’s taken us over a decade of research, counselling, reading, coaching, courses, training, and getting super uncomfortable in the name of growth, to collect enough puzzle pieces to understand what was going on for us and to learn how we can make changes for ourselves to show up how we want to in life.

We know it’s so hard because no one really talks about this (and seriously, who has a decade to spend trying to figure it all out for themselves?). That's why we feel it’s so important to share everything we have learned, because you shouldn’t have to feel alone, broken and ashamed the way that we did for so long.

We’ve been there. We’ve dived into the research for you. We’re the reluctant queens of trial and error.

Phil Hayley Stacie - Coaches at Quiet Connections in Cornwall

We have loads to share with you

And we’re still learning and growing.

But don’t be fooled by our relaxed approach. It’s super important for us to feel confident in our own capabilities to help you, so between us we’ve taken five coach training courses which means we have a blend of brilliant tools to help you wherever you are in your journey. And because coaching is an unregulated industry, we maintain a Professional Membership with the Association of NLP to give you peace of mind too.

We’re no longer afraid to be seen.

Our younger selves would be amazed to see us now. We know how to show up in life even when we’re nervous (and we do still feel anxious, it’s a totally normal part of being human after all). It’s been said that we’re living examples of how confidence can shift, and we want this for you too.

Above all, we’ve learnt this...

You can change.

No, not change into someone new. Not become more extroverted than you were born to be. You can change in a way that gets you back to who you really truly are, underneath the fear, the masks and the avoidance.

It’s not about becoming something you’re not. It’s not even about ‘finding’ your voice. It’s simply about shifting your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a way that lets the real you into the light. The ‘you’ who already has an important voice, just waiting to be heard. Because there is so much goodness in you, that you don’t see for yourself yet, that we believe the world absolutely needs to see.

Fun Facts!

  • We love animals! Stacie spends her lunch breaks walking her beautiful rolly-polly Collie dog, Paris, while Hayley has the sweetest work companion in her second-hand cat baby, Little Bug(ger), who always likes to be close
  • We’ve both reluctantly danced in public because it was easier than saying ‘no’. Hayley danced on the busy streets of Bristol, Cardiff and Plymouth while interning (that wasn’t in the role description!). Still, at least she wasn’t asked to tap dance on a stage dressed as a jammie dodger *ahem*
  • We’ve each done a skydive, but while Stacie fell gracefully back to the earth, Hayley called forth her inner Dumbo and attempted to fly
  • We’re super ermm... trusting? Stacie had a seaweed fear for many years after believing a friend who told her that seaweed could bite you! And Hayley was once convinced that the plural for ambulance was ambuli! Oh how we laughed!

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