Quiet Meet Ups in Cornwall

If you consider yourself introverted, sensitive or shy, then we're your people.

Our Meet Ups across Cornwall gently connect quieteers like us in a safe relaxing space where it's okay to talk and it's okay to be quiet too.

We can't wait to welcome you.

Words from our community

“It's nice to meet people who are quiet like me.”

“I’ve been to two Quiet Connections meet ups and I've really enjoyed both. Everyone was lovely and chilled and there was a lovely feel to the whole event. It's nice to meet people who are similarly quiet like me.”

- Alistair Millar, Falmouth

“An incredibly validating experience.”

"Thank you for today, it was an incredibly validating experience, having some company without any pressure to talk or be a certain way. I was surprised how comfortable I felt so quickly."

- Anonymous


Weekly Meet Ups in your area

Falmouth Meet Up

Wednesdays 18:00-20:00

Fairwinds Community Hub

Redruth Meet Up

Mondays 11:30-13:30

Redruth Community Centre

Hayle Meet Up

Starting Up...


Liskeard Meet Up

Wednesdays 19:00-21:00

Liskeard Public Hall

Truro Meet Up

Mondays 11:30-13:30

Archie Browns

Newquay Meet Up

Starting Up...


Penzance Meet Up

Thursdays 13:00-15:00

Lescudjack Centre

St Austell Meet Up

Temporarily Paused

Pattern Hall, Charlestown

Words from our community

“I love the space and people”

"I’ve really enjoyed the Meet Ups. I love the space and people. I feel safe and comfortable to chat along with or happily sit in silence and enjoy my own quiet space without fear of being judged."

Colin, Hayle

“There's no pressure to be anyone but yourself”

"The best bit is that there’s no pressure to be anyone but yourself. Other people can relate to how hard and stressful it can be. It’s really good; a chilled atmosphere and no pressure to participate."

Gemma, Plymouth

Try Something New

Pub Quiz

Sunday 23rd June


Guy's Butterfly House

Saturday 20th July

St Hilary, near Penzance

ParkLive @ Kimberley Park

Sunday 30th June


Costume Life Drawing

Saturday 13th July


Words from our community

“Being around like minded people boosted my confidence”

“I felt that the group put my mind at rest when thinking about speaking out loud. Being around like minded people made me feel less isolated and boosted my confidence.”

Fiona, Helston

“I enjoyed meeting new people. It was ace!”

"The Godrevy Beach walk was my first meet up group walk and I’m so glad I went. I enjoyed meeting new people and sharing the views and weather with them. It was ace!"

Tommy Uren, Pool

(Quiet) volunteers wanted at Meet Ups in Cornwall

Why we're (quietly) meeting up

We know what it’s like. Meeting new people and going to new places as an introverted, shy or sensitive person can feel daunting. So often it feels like we need to try and push ourselves to match the louder, chattier people in the room to be able to form connections and let our voices be heard. But it shouldn’t have to be that way. We believe that there should be more inclusion, fairness and equal opportunities in society for quiet people like us - and our regular Meet Ups are one of the ways that we’re advocating for this change.

We’ve created these safe spaces across Cornwall to help you connect with likeminded quiet people, feel more confident and flourish as your true quiet self.

Here, your quietness is not only accepted… it’s celebrated.

What to expect from the Meet Ups

It’s okay to talk and it’s okay to be quiet too

We understand that you may prefer to ease into conversation gradually, or that some days you might like to sit quietly with a good book whilst simply in the company of others. We welcome both quietude and chatter.

You can go at your own pace

Our intention is to help you connect with others - but there’s absolutely no pressure to participate or set any big goals. You’re invited to step into the space and contribute when you're ready; or you can sit back and quietly observe if that’s what feels right for you.

A relaxed, welcoming environment

We’ve carefully chosen our Meet Ups spaces so that they’re calm, cosy and comfortable and we tend to keep our groups small. We have casual, optional activities for you to participate in if you wish. And tea, coffee and biscuits are a given!

A space to be yourself

We encourage stretching your comfort zone and trying new things. But ultimately our Meet Ups are designed to help you simply be with other quiet people in a way that feels authentic to your true, quiet, wonderful self.

A community of understanding

Our gentle-natured group leaders and the quieteers attending our Meet Ups are likely to share similar feelings and experiences with you. So here you can connect with people who truly get you - and feel part of a supportive, welcoming community.

Words from our community

“They show interest in me and make me feel welcome”

"I like the openness of the group and the way they greeted me when I first started a few months ago. They continue to show an interest and make me feel welcome."

Jake, Truro

“It gave me the chance to get to know people.”

"It gave me the chance to get to know people and feel recognised and understood, safe and peaceful in the knowledge that I wasn’t going to be judged"

Rose, Redruth

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, all of our weekly Meet Ups are free to attend. We’re a Community Interest Company so funding comes from The National Lottery Community Fund. All refreshments including water, teas, coffees, hot chocolate and biscuits are provided free of charge too - although you’re very welcome to bring along your own drink if you prefer, or additional treats to share with the group. 

You don’t have to book - it’s ok to just turn up on the day. However, on the first time that you’re joining us, if you know in advance that you’re going to come along it would be really helpful if you could sign up using our booking form (these can be found on each of the different locations’ Meet Up pages, linked above). This means we can say hi and answer any of your questions beforehand, we can easily contact you if there are any changes to the schedule, and we can get feedback from you now and again to help us improve.

Information about each location is provided on the individual Meet Up location pages above. We’ll also share this with you in your welcome email, should you sign up to our newsletter using the form below. 

On average, most groups have around 5 to 8 people in attendance each week.

Whilst each group will have its own unique soul based on the venue and the individuals who attend, we always aim to create an ambience that feels both calm and re-energising. We choose venues that are cosy and welcoming and we’ll often have uplifting or relaxing music playing quietly in the background. Our facilitators focus on nurturing conversations and participation that has a collective positive upwards spiral e.g. gratitude, small comfort zone stretch wins, things that bring us joy, what we’re learning etc. And there is usually a gentle mix of chatter and quieter moments.

We really do remove the pressure - because we’ve been there too. As quiet connectors, we like to think that we’ve found a good balance between being attentive and giving you your own space. If we sense you’re in any difficulty, we will gently make sure that you’re okay. But otherwise we will allow you to join in as much or as little as you like. 

Yes. We’ll always encourage you to give yourself what you need. If at any point you feel you need to step away, you are welcome to leave for a break before rejoining the group. Our facilitators will be mindful to offer that space and a check-in chat, if needed.

All sorts! We bring along materials for optional casual activities that’ll spark creativity, start conversations and boost your wellbeing. This might be colouring, painting, crocheting, journaling and more. 

It depends which Meet Up you’re attending. It could be a member of our permanent team or it could be one of our wonderful volunteers. Everyone is quiet-natured too though, so understands your challenges and wants to help you grow. 

Absolutely. We recognise this might be helpful as you’re settling in and getting to know the other group members.

You’re welcome to try Meet Ups in multiple locations. There’s no obligation to always go to the same one, but you’re more likely to make friends and genuine connections if you go to the same Meet Up more than once. 

Whilst many do choose to attend weekly, we also have valuable members within the community who only attend as and when they can.

They’re usually two hours in length. Please refer to the different locations’ Meet Ups pages linked above for specific information on times. 

We’ve included parking instructions on each of the different locations’ Meet Ups pages above. We’ll also share this info with you in your welcome email, should you sign up to our newsletter using the form on your chosen location’s Meet Up page. 

We’ve included travel and public transport information on each of the Meet Up locations’ pages and we can share this info with you in your welcome email, if you’d like to sign up to our newsletter the form on your chosen location’s Meet Up page.

We’re always pleased to hear from lovely volunteers in our local community. If you think you might like to help us run a Meet Up, you can read more about becoming a Quiet Connector with us here.

If you’d like to get involved with Quiet Connections in another way, please contact Hayley & Stacie on hello@quietconnections.co.uk and they’ll be in touch.