#SpeakingTheUnspoken: A letter to my younger self

#SpeakingTheUnspoken Hello to my younger self, I know that being a teenager is hard but let me just tell you that even so soon as your early twenties you’ll be looking back with fondness and nostalgia at all the things you got up to and all the things that you managed to get through. I […]

How I learnt to be comfortable with myself and what others say about me

Over time, I’ve noticed a switch in my mentality. From taking a powerless perspective of things happening to me, completely wrapped up in how I felt at the time, to being able to focus on what I’ve learnt from those situations. Essentially, I’ve been moving from taking a negative and powerless view of my experiences […]

Could social media be compounding social anxiety?

Feelings of social anxiety seem to have happened gradually for me; they kind of crept up on me into adulthood. So I started thinking about how the development of society may have subconsciously affected me, such as the “big brother” phenomena, the rise of public CCTV placement instilling the idea of being continually watched, without […]

How despair can make us stronger

In the past 12 months, I have gotten engaged to my wonderful and supportive girlfriend, bought a house and adopted a perfect, if a little crackers, cat that I received the permission to name Logan. It was shaping up to be a fantastic year. Then we moved into our beautiful new terraced house. Almost in […]

What I’d like my family to know about my experience of social anxiety

An Introspective Analysis Looking back, I never used to feel “socially anxious” whilst growing up.  I remember feeling shy as a kid when meeting relatives or strangers, but even when I first started working I felt okay. Anxious feelings kind of crept up on me into adulthood and, I think for me personally, feelings of […]

The Therapeutic Benefit of Creative Writing: Finding a voice when I was unsure I had one. 

Writing creatively can be very therapeutic. Research has shown that oral and written storytelling can enrich our spiritual and cultural lives and help us heal from past traumas and abuse. Sometimes people write their own life narrative and their writing is autobiographical in nature. Writing about daily experiences, that is, writing rooted in one’s own […]

4 simple techniques I used to slay my dragons of anxiety as a wedding guest

In the early budding stage of our relationship, my boyfriend’s sister invited me to her wedding. Upon receiving this news, I mentally responded in two ways. Firstly I was filled with elation, after all, she was betting on us being together a whole year into the future, a potentially risky move for a bride. Who […]

Are you seeing the whole picture or only looking to the shadows?

Wherever there is sadness, there is also so much more… It can be easy to zoom in on what feels painful or uncomfortable for us and to colour our world as if that’s all there is. But what else would we notice if we took a step back, open to seeing the bigger picture?     […]

3 things that help me wear ‘quiet’ with pride

Living in a culture that can feel like it values extroversion over introversion, there are times when many of us wish we could swap our quiet nature for that of someone more outgoing. Those of us who let that longing go have found ways to focus on all the positives that come with introversion and […]

It’s not that I’m rude; I’m feeling socially anxious

Since I was young, I have always taken the backseat in social environments, at school and elsewhere. Even now I am never the life of the party, preferring to sit back and let others do the talking, too afraid to draw attention to myself. This is fine for me and as I’ve gotten older I’ve […]

Authenticity and self-compassion in words

How I am practising authenticity and self-compassion through words

Finding meaning in words I find a lot of solace and constance in words and the English language. It’s something I’ve always loved, and English was always my favourite subject at school, so much so that I’m studying it at university. I find it so liberating that we have the power to express ourselves in […]