Understanding coaching and the role of a coach

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What is coaching? How does it differ from counselling? How do I choose a good coach? These are all questions we might ask ourselves right at the start of our coaching journey, or as professionals who want to ensure we’re referring a client for the most appropriate support. To help you answer the questions you […]


The key to being your quiet self

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Somewhere down the line, I noticed that just because I would not voice a great deal, it did not mean i was listening in its stead. You may have encountered this difficulty many a time and it may be quite obvious to you, but your silence is not necessarily you giving your attention, rather you […]


3 steps for overcoming loneliness

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Is it surprising to find out how, when we’re feeling lonely, we can create a self-fulfilling prophesy for ourselves if we’re not careful? In our last post, we explored how our unconscious attempts at self-protecting can lead us deep into disconnection:  Read: “Why isn’t it easy to reach out and connect when we’re feeling lonely?” […]

Job interviews

5 top tips for showcasing your quieter communication skills in your next job interview

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5 top tips for showcasing quiet communication skills in your job interview

Communication Skills for Career Success Ask an employer from any sector what they look for in new recruits and it’s not long before that broadly defined powerhouse of a soft skill – communication – springs to mind. Not surprising, really. Effective communication means a potential hire has the interpersonal and persuasion skills to explain ideas […]