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Quiet Connections Podcast Nominated as a Top UK Anxiety Podcast by Best Startup – Check Out the Top 5 Episodes!

The Quiet Connections Podcast has been nominated a Top UK Anxiety Podcast as well as a Top UK Self-Help Podcast by Best Startup this month, and it’s great to have that wonderful recognition for our social anxiety podcast! But of course, what makes the Quiet Connections Podcast so awesome is the amazing guests who join us to courageously speak the unspoken, share their stories and explore ways to manage social anxiety with us on their own podcast episode.

So we’re inviting you to join us in celebrating our incredible Podcast Guests with a countdown of our Top 5 Most Popular Podcast Episodes… 

We’re in awe of these amazing men and women who have joined us to courageously share their stories – often speaking on a podcast for the very first time too (and you know we do love to be a place where people can gently stretch their comfort zone!). 

What’s more is that our listeners are telling us that they are getting so much out of these wonderful vulnerable conversations:

    • A realisation that they’re not weird, broken or alone
    • A greater understanding of social anxiety and how this shows up for them
    • And top tips and strategies that they are taking away and implementing into their own lives

So with Series 2 of the Quiet Connections Podcast set to return on 6th July, we felt it was a fantastic time to celebrate and appreciate the most popular episodes so far with a Top 5 Podcast countdown, and we would love to know which is your favourite! 

Top 5 Quiet Connections Podcast Episodes

#5 Letting Go of Thinking You’re Not Good Enough 

Podcast Episode 4 with Vicky Otter, Wellbeing Coach at Innate Connection

In this popular episode, we chat with Vicky Otter who’s a very good friend of Quiet Connections and one of our Coaches too. We explore how that sense of ‘not being good enough’ can show up in different ways, including people pleasing and being the person we think others want us to be. Although Vicky doesn’t see herself as quiet or socially anxious, and she’s one of the more chatty members of the team, she does relate to feeling the need to wearing a mask and filling in the silences and rejecting her own inner quiet for a long time. 

Listen to this episode to discover how Vicky realised she was complete, whole and didn’t need fixing. You’ll find out why your thoughts aren’t true and ways to gently let those thoughts pass to allow new insights and possibilities to emerge. A beautiful conversation full of many insights with the potential to shift the way you think about yourself, too. 

This is for you if you, too, feel like you’re not good enough at times and find yourself thinking a spiral of negative thoughts about yourself.


#4 Why Can’t You Speak? 

Podcast Episode 18 with Chelsea Gamache, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and Co-Host of The Selective Mutism Podcast

Oh my goodness, Chelsea is an absolute joy to listen to! She grew up with Selective Mutism and is now passionate about sharing her experiences, raising awareness and helping others who are struggling with Selective Mutism and anxiety. So much so, that Chelsea co-hosts ‘Outloud the Selective Mutism Podcast’, which was the first podcast focused on Selective Mutism, and recently also wrote a children’s book about Selective Mutism called ‘I Am Brave’. 

In this episode, Chelsea shares the challenges of freezing up and not being able to speak, she explains what Selective Mutism is and discusses the relationship with social anxiety. Chelsea, also explores the language and behaviour that can keep people stuck in a silent cycle and generously shares approaches that helped her to harness her voice and eventually become a public speaker. 

This episode is for you if you also struggle to find your words and speak up when you need or want to – whether you have a diagnosis of Selective Mutism or not.


#3 How to Use Writing for Confidence & Self-Care 

Podcast Episode 3 with Emily Wheeler, Blue Health Coach and Wellbeing Writing Facilitator at Strength in Feathers

Emily uses writing, journaling and connection with the coast and blue spaces to help women practice valuable self-care techniques, empowering them to feel confident and content in everyday life. Of course, we love Emily’s Blue Health approach! With wellbeing and positive living at her heart, Emily champions the benefits of both writing and ‘blue mind’ as important self-care practices. 

Listening to this episode, you’ll hear how writing can help you to calm your thoughts, gain clarity and express your needs, so that you can feel more relaxed and confident. This is a lighthearted conversation, full of quick tips and wonderful suggestions, so you can get started with mindfully writing, today. You’ll be amazed at the insights writing can bring up from within you and how it can help you to move through and process your thoughts and feelings. There’s a wonderful discussion around quietude within this conversation that’s certainly worth tuning in for!

This episode is for you if you have a busy, anxious mind right now and you’re seeking healthy, positive ways to create some calm, confidence and contentment in your everyday life. 


#2 How 5 Women Learned to Love Their Quiet Qualities & Find Their Place in the World

Podcast Episode 20 with 5 Quieteers: Rose, Esther, Lizzie, Amanda and Julia from The Quiet Community

This is the story of 5 inspiring women, who are walking the path from social anxiety to quiet confidence. Truth be told, it’s our favourite episode! We wanted you to hear directly from people who were on the same path as you; people from the Quiet Community who are committed to their own growth, attending coaching and workshops, and gently stretching their comfort zones to overcome social anxiety. We knew how much courage it was going to take to publicly share their story and have their voices recorded, and several people turned down the opportunity, but these wonderful human beings are compassionately offering their experiences to support you in your journey from social anxiety to quiet confidence too. 

Rose, Esther, Lizzie, Amanda and Julia tell us what they were struggling with when they first came to Quiet Connections – positions it’s likely you can relate to. They’re truthful about the challenges they had implementing new ways of being – and even believing that they could change. They share the fundamental practises that really made a difference to the way they show up – tools and techniques, sudden realisations and shifts in beliefs, comfort zone stretching and connecting. And they tell us where they are now. We had tears in our eyes recording these testimonials. all of these beautiful souls have made incredible progress and we are so proud of them, privileged to walk the path with them, and grateful to be able to share their wisdom with you. 

This heartfelt episode is for you if you’re feeling a bit stuck and you need to know you’re not alone and you can change how you’re showing up in the world – and naturally you want a tonne of top tips to take away to help you move forwards!


#1 How to Start Being Kinder to Yourself 

Podcast Episode 14 with Amanda Winwood, TEDx Speaker and CEO and Queen of Hugs at Made For Life

Our most popular episode is all about self-kindness and self-compassion – and doesn’t that speak volumes! You’re not alone if you feel full of self-hate and self-doubt, or if you have a critical inner voice beating you up for all of your imperfections and mistakes, that expects you to do everything perfectly, first time. 

In this fascinating episode, TEDx Speaker Amanda Winwood explores the process of re-learning how to love and accept ourselves. She discusses some of the challenges that many of us experience when it comes to practising self-compassion, and shares the small steps that you can start taking today to help move you away from putting yourself down, and move towards lifting yourself up. We especially love this conversation because we’re joined by Quieteer Julia, who is gently stretching her comfort zone with us, interviewing Amanda alongside Stacie. Julia brings some wonderful thoughtful questions to the conversation and addresses the issues that so many of us run into when we’re first practising self-compassion. We honour Julia’s courage for taking on the role of Podcast Host in this episode. 

This podcast episode is for you if you’re trying to dial down that mean inner critic, silence the self-judgement, and boost your motivation and sense of safety with a more compassionate and caring approach – just like you would use with other people. 


These are the 5 episodes that climbed the fastest on the Quiet Connections Podcast, which means they had the most downloads within 30 days of publishing out of the 20 episodes we’ve published so far. We’d like to thank all of our wonderful guests and everyone who has contributed to and listened to the first series of the Quiet Connections Podcast. We promise Series 2 is going to be awesome! The Quiet Connections Podcast is available on almost all podcast players.

Please do subscribe because there are fantastic interviews coming soon that you won’t want to miss: You can get a full list of podcast players here.


  • Hayley Stanton

    Hi, I’m Hayley - the original quieteer. I, too, identify as a quiet person. I’m naturally a highly sensitive introvert and I love and appreciate my quiet strengths now, but I spent much of my life not feeling good enough and experiencing social anxiety. I missed so many opportunities because I was afraid of being judged harshly, criticised and rejected – and because I doubted that I had the ‘right’ personality to succeed. Quiet Connections exists in part because I had a fantastic coach who helped me to work through old patterns of keeping myself small and hidden so that I could show up and be seen to play my part in creating the more connected, curious and compassionate world that I dream of. Now, I’m passionate about helping quiet people discover their unique qualities, gifts, passions and experiences and explore how best to use these to express themselves more authentically and contribute to the world in a way that works with their quieter or more sensitive nature. Get to know me here.

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