What you need to know about the way you see the world

What if you knew that the way you see the world isn’t the same as reality? If you were to train as an NLP Practitioner like me, one of the very first things you’d learn is that your thoughts aren’t reality. It turns out that we respond to our own internal representation of the world […]

The importance of rewriting your stories without Villains and Victims

I spent my childhood loving a man who I called Grandad. When I was 11, a series of events led to a situation whereby I found myself on the receiving end of the bitterness, anger, aggression and hostility stored within him; and just like that, I casted him as a villain in my life, soon […]

3 lessons from Brené Brown that will help you to deal with criticism

We all know that thoughtful feedback shared with us from a place of compassion helps us to grow, even if this isn’t always easy to hear. But there are some people who seem to spend much of their life hurling judgement and critical ‘advice’ at others with very little consideration and compassion behind it. Hurtful […]

Why so serious? What the Joker teaches us

In true nerdy fashion, I’m sat in my pre-booked seat at 18:45 (because hey, you can’t leave it to chance to get good seats on the night), finally watching the heavily anticipated film, Joker. If you monitor ‘movie news’ you will already know it is being met with controversial reception. While I respect the opinions […]

How the fear of missing out gets me to the party

One big assumption that people often make about introverts is that we hate going to parties. More often than not, as an introvert with anxiety, this assumption is correct for me. But as I have grown older, the definition of a party has changed. A few years ago, an invite to a party would conjure […]

Choosing connection over avoidance, courage over comfort

You know how it is when you get talking to someone and that quiet excitement bubbles up inside because they feel so aligned with where you are and it’s almost like the universe has sent them your way? Well, I was lucky enough to have one of those awesome connections yesterday. It’s funny to think […]

What I’d like my family to know about my experience of social anxiety

An Introspective Analysis Looking back, I never used to feel “socially anxious” whilst growing up.  I remember feeling shy as a kid when meeting relatives or strangers, but even when I first started working I felt okay. Anxious feelings kind of crept up on me into adulthood and, I think for me personally, feelings of […]

4 simple techniques I used to slay my dragons of anxiety as a wedding guest

In the early budding stage of our relationship, my boyfriend’s sister invited me to her wedding. Upon receiving this news, I mentally responded in two ways. Firstly I was filled with elation, after all, she was betting on us being together a whole year into the future, a potentially risky move for a bride. Who […]