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BBC Spotlight: Rising suicide rates in Cornwall

18th July 2017

Hayley, Stacie, Gemma and Fi from our Quiet Community bravely share their mental health stories

CHBN Radio: Panic Attacks & Quiet Entrepreneurship

9th October 2020

Hayley and Stacie join Adam to talk about panic attacks ahead of releasing free training for World Mental Health Day; and share their latest collaboration with the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Cornwall where they'll be helping people who feel anxious and self-doubting move through this to explore an idea for a business or community project.

CHAOS TV: Social Prescribing for Wellbeing

26th June 2020

We join Positive People and Pluss to talk about connecting local people with the wellbeing services they need. Stacie's on the panel sharing our experiences as an organisation that social prescribers refer people to.

You Better Werk: Starting your own business as an introvert

19th July 2020

Hayley discusses starting life as 'the quiet one' not wanting to speak up in class, not going to university - even sabotaging her own job applications, and becoming a successful coach supporting others to stop panicking and feel calm and confident in social situations, so they can speak up, join in, and feel like they truly belong. Watch here: Tea-break edition or Lunch-break edition.

Source FM: Exploring an idea when you feel self-doubting and anxious

9th October 2020

Stacie joins Andy Coote on 'Thank Source It's Friday' to share Quiet Connections' latest collaboration with the School for Social Entrepreneurs in Cornwall where they'll be running an online session to offer insights and tips to help people who have an idea for a business or community project, but are feeling too anxious and self-doubting to get started.

BBC News: App helps people connect at home

21st May 2020

An app has been developed to help people in Cornwall who are struggling with confidence to stay connected and supported amidst Covid-19 restrictions



CHBN Radio: How Quiet Connections is adapting during lockdown

1st June 2020

Hayley and Stacie join Adam to talk about how Quiet Connections is adapting during Covid-19.

BBC Radio Cornwall: Lockdown Lessons

12th June 2020

Stacie shares how Quiet Connections has responded to the coronavirus outbreak, and how our learnings are going to shape Quiet Connections in the future.

The Packet: Quiet Connections has received £220,000

27th February 2020

Quiet Connections is celebrating after being awarded almost £220,000 in National Lottery funding to support its work with people who feel anxious in social situations



Pirate FM: New app for people in Cornwall with social anxiety during Coronavirus

14th May 2020

A new app has been developed in Cornwall to support people who experience social anxiety

BBC Radio Cornwall: Quiet Connections app launches community of understanding for quieter people

17th May 2020

Hayley talks about social anxiety and the new Quiet Connections app with Donna Birrell (at 3:35hrs)

Truro Diocese: Faith and Mental Health in Cornwall

10th October 2019

Stacie and Hayley were keynote speakers at the Faith and Mental Health event held in Truro and the #ReframeQuiet exhibition was hosted at Truro Methodist Church over the week to mark World Mental Health Day.

The Packet: Speaking the unspoken; an exhibition exploring social anxiety opens in Helston

25th May 2019

The "I was, I am, I will be" community project is on display at The Museum of Cornish Life in Helston throughout May


Business Cornwall: Big shout for Quiet Connections

25th February 2020

Local social enterprise, Quiet Connections CIC, has been awarded almost £220k in National Lottery funding to support its work with people who feel anxious and avoidant in social situations.


BBC Radio Cornwall: Students who secretly feel socially anxious

14th February 2018

Hayley, Ian Woodland (Student Liaison Officer) and Cornwall College students discuss how feeling socially anxious is affecting students

Dr. Lulu's Suicide Pages: From social anxiety to Director & Coach

14th January 2020

Sharing the impact of social anxiety with the Momatrician on a mission to prevent teen suicide, Dr Lulu.

CHBN Radio: Lockdown Special with Quiet Connections

1st May 2020

Hayley and Stacie discuss the impact of lockdown, the new Quiet Connections app and community group plans.

Cornwall Live: Our most inspiring women in Cornwall

9th March 2019

Celebrating women who contribute to Cornwall on International Women's Day 2019



Business Cornwall: Cornwall's 30 Under 30 Class of 2017

2nd February 2018

Hayley is selected for Cornwall's 30 Under 30 Class of 2017.


Business Cornwall: Cornwall’s 30 under 30 Class of 2018

6th February 2019

Stacie is selected for Cornwall's 30 Under 30 Class of 2018.

The Camborne, Redruth & Hayle Gazette: Quiet Groups running

May 2019

People who feel socially anxious are joining together in groups across Cornwall.


BBC Radio Cornwall: "Stress, are we coping?"

14th -17th May 2019

The panel discussion held as part of our "I was, I am, I will be" exhibition was aired on BBC Radio Cornwall.

University of Exeter: B Law Hack

11th October 2019

Quiet Connections conducts sessions on imposterism for University of Exeter's Law and Business students



inFalmouth: Quietly connecting at Huddle Cafe

23rd March 2019

Quiet Connections is reframing what it means to be quiet through their group running at Huddle Cafe in Falmouth

Cornwall Live: Quiet Connections is benefitting from Co-op donations

15th April 2019

Causes in the area currently benefitting from Co-op donations include Quiet Connections

Falmouth Packet: Quiet Connections opens the new Threemilestone Co-op

19th April 2019

As one of Co-op chosen causes, members of stores in the Truro area can pick Quiet Connections to benefit from their purchases.

Falmouth Packet: Grants made available to child mental health groups

9th January 2019

Quiet Connections supports young people with grants from The Cornwall Community Foundation’s Mental Health Fund

Cornwall Live: The 30 under 30 entrepreneurs to watch out for in Cornwall

6th February 2019

Stacie joins Cornwall's 30 under 30 Class of 2018.


West Briton: 'Quieteers' are connecting in a community of understanding

14th March 2019

Quiet Connections is running groups in Falmouh, Truro and Camborne for people who feel socially anxious.

Cornwall College: Time to Talk event flags up mental health issues

 5th February 2018

Discussing the popular Time to Talk Day event held at Camborne campus.

BBC Radio (x 6 stations): World Knit in Public Day

8th June 2018

Stacie talks about the wellbeing benefits of knitting & crochet ahead of World Knit in Public Day, with live interviews with BBC Radio Cornwall, Shropshire, Lincolnshire, Solent, Oxford and Somerset.


Pirate FM: Truro is hosting an event to help cut the number of suicides

12th September 2018

Quiet Connections brings social anxiety to the agenda.

BBC Radio Cornwall: Rising suicide rates in Cornwall

18th July 2017 

Hayley, Stacie, Fi and Gemma from Quiet Connections discuss their personal experiences of feeling suicidal.

BBC Spotlight: Students secretly feeling socially anxious

14th February 2018

Discussing social anxiety in students and our Time to Talk day event at Cornwall College.

BBC News Online: 'Yarn bomb' of positivity hits Cornwall

23rd March 2018

Quiet Connections kick-off their #WeAreEnough campaign to promote self-esteem in Cornwall by yarn-bombing Truro.


The Camborne, Redruth and Hayle Gazette: Help for entrepreneurs working in the community

2nd January 2018

Quiet Connections is supported by The Lloyds Bank and School for Social Entrepreneurs Start Up Programme.

CHBN Radio: What's in store for 2018

 9th February 2018

Hayley and Caroline discuss their experiences of social anxiety, share their plans for 2018, and pay tribute to their amazing volunteers.

Business Cornwall: Grow confidence in public speaking

20th February 2018

A new group has been formed to help people who find the idea of networking and public speaking just too daunting.

CHBN Radio: Get your pom poms ready for World Mental Health Day

 29th September 2017 

Hayley and Stacie of New Day Knitwear talk about the Coffee Cake Create event.

Unlocking Potential: Breakthrough Stories: Quiet Connections

13th November 2017

Hayley shares how the Breakthrough course helped her turn around her career to suit her goals.


The Engine Room: Case Studies

December 2017

Engine Room case studies for Stacie (New Day Knitwear) and Hayley (Quiet Connections) before they merged.


Cornwall Live: Hayley tells of the anxiety that led her to attempt suicide at 19 and how she helps others now

3rd June 2017

Hayley shares her story and introduces Quiet Connections.

The Telegraph: How to manage mental health problems as a small business owner

11th July 2017

Stacie discusses anxiety in entrepreneurship.


The Secret Lives of Introverts: Inside Our Hidden World 

17th August 2017

Hayley has an article featured in this book by Jenn Granneman



CHBN Radio: Introducing Quiet Connections

 7th April 2017

Hayley introduces Quiet Connections and explains why she started the company and how we help.

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