Our mission is to change the world with and for quiet people.

We all deserve to feel seen and heard…but that doesn’t mean that we should have to raise our voices to match the louder people in the room. Whilst we wholeheartedly advocate for personal growth to strengthen our confidence, wellbeing and authenticity, we do not believe that we should have to stretch ourselves as far as society sometimes pushes us to. Quietness is not a flaw. We are good enough exactly as we are.

In fact, we believe that it’s society that needs to change. There should be more inclusion, fairness and equal opportunities for quiet people like us – and we’re doing all that we can to advocate for this. We’re starting conversations around quietness with the aim to educate employers, colleagues, teachers, family members and friends on the need to recognise our quiet voices, be flexible and sensitive in their communication and understand the value that quieter people can bring.

Your quiet voice is important. We’re here to help you acknowledge that and take action too.

Let’s make positive change happen, together.

Hayley and Stacie Mental Health Talk

Our values

Making meaningful connections
We connect quiet people to create a community of understanding, togetherness and belonging. We believe that unity not only builds confidence, but it helps each of us to truly accept and appreciate ourselves and live a more fulfilling life.

Advocating for change
We believe that there should be more inclusion, fairness and equality for quiet people in our society. We do all we can to start conversations, raise awareness and create opportunities for people like us, with the goal of wider societal change.

Openness and inclusivity
We’re not a traditional support group, but rather a safe, inclusive space for quiet people to be vulnerable and show their true selves – and meet others who want to do the same. We have faced the same challenges too, and we openly share our stories.

Creating space
We create calm spaces for quiet people to connect and grow at their own pace. And we create space for our quiet voices to be heard and perspectives to be understood, both in our Meet Ups and in society as a whole.

Celebrating quietness
Quietness and sensitivity are not flaws. We are enough just as we are - and we want to help other quiet people to recognise this. We celebrate their strengths and qualities to empower them to flourish as their true quiet selves.