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5 top tips for showcasing your quieter communication skills in your next job interview

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5 top tips for showcasing quiet communication skills in your job interview

Communication Skills for Career Success Ask an employer from any sector what they look for in new recruits and it’s not long before that broadly defined powerhouse of a soft skill – communication – springs to mind. Not surprising, really. Effective communication means a potential hire has the interpersonal and persuasion skills to explain ideas […]


What if our imperfections are just gold-filled cracks?

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what if imperfections are gold-filled cracks

A few weeks ago I was contacted by my friend, Hayley, about an exciting community project in Cornwall entitled ‘We Are Enough’  Its ethos is to raise awareness about mental health; to bring people together to share experiences and encourage self-expression through creativity.  All forms of creativity are encouraged such as knitting, crocheting, writing, painting […]

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Finding my way through my dreams

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I have recently been having extremely vivid dreams and nightmares. When I awake, I question myself. I have to decide whether to heed the warnings or to not allow them to distract my way of life. Sometimes I find a dream might try to haunt me for the rest of the day, and finding a […]