5 top tips for showcasing quiet communication skills in your job interview

5 top tips for showcasing your quieter communication skills in your next job interview

Communication Skills for Career Success Ask an employer from any sector what they look for in new recruits and it’s not long before that broadly defined powerhouse of a soft skill – communication – springs to mind. Not surprising, really. Effective communication means a potential hire has the interpersonal and persuasion skills to explain ideas […]

Wendy's story

Wendy’s story: I knew I needed help

Recognising it’s time to get support At first I didn’t realise what was happening. But once the tears came, I knew I needed help. I felt like I couldn’t go out – not even to pick up my daughter from school. I was feeling completely worthless and like I was a failure. A friend would take […]

to the ones that got away

To the one(s) I ran away from

Valentine’s Day can be far from a happy occasion for many of us. It’s a time when we can feel very alone and get deep into comparisons, self-criticisms and shame. With hearts and flowers everywhere we look, it’s easy to feel a heightened, more painful sense of our own perceived flaws and wonder if we’ll […]

Tom’s story: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

In a sense, this is a ‘Tale of Two Cities’ or, more accurately, two countries; actually three if you count this one. This short tale is about asking for help when you don’t think you need it. It is a tale of contradictions. In 2011 I moved, with my wife and two daughters, from a […]

How allowing myself to try helped me with anxiety

My mantra through school and university life was ‘avoid all eye contact with the teacher and they likely won’t pick on you to answer a question’. It wasn’t that I was a bad student, in fact I was always among the ones topping the class. It’s just that my confidence just seemed to end beyond […]

The White T-Shirt Campaign by Gracie Sodzi

The White T-Shirt Campaign: Why we’re talking about mental health

Today is World Mental Health Day and we’re getting behind fellow social entrepreneur and lovely new friend of QC, Gracie Sodzi and her White T-Shirt Campaign launched to raise awareness of mental health issues and to promote positive well-being; inspiring, motivating and encouraging through the sharing of stories. Find out more about Gracie and her mission over […]

What if our imperfections are just gold-filled cracks?

I know so many people who have had experience of not feeling good enough and plagued with self-doubt and suffering low self-esteem as a result.  Due to poor manual dexterity due to the Functional Neurological Disorder I suffer from, I thought I would put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and share my own […]

How I am overcoming social anxiety to shave my head in aid of the ME Association

Why would anyone who feels socially anxious want to shave their head? Clearly, it could draw unwanted attention and open us up to judgement… the very things that anyone who feels socially anxious tries to avoid! (You can read my story here.) But, I believe that when we care about something enough, we can push […]

Finding my way through my dreams

I have recently been having extremely vivid dreams and nightmares. When I awake, I question myself. I have to decide whether to heed the warnings or to not allow them to distract my way of life. Sometimes I find a dream might try to haunt me for the rest of the day, and finding a […]

Yvonne's Story

Yvonne’s story: college helped me accept who I am

Not good enough Growing up, I was shadowed by a constant cloud of uneasiness in social settings.  I felt I just wasn’t good enough. This cloud blighted and stagnated me. It caused me to be less productive than I could be, constantly living beneath my potential. I can’t pinpoint exactly when I got bitten by […]

Fi Hartley Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for anxiety

Fi’s story: How exercise helped me to reduce feelings of anxiety

This is a story from our friend Fi at Inside Out Fitness Cornwall who has transformed her life and is now helping other people to access fitness even though they feel socially anxious. Since a young age I believed that I was not smart enough. This belief followed me for a long time. I feared […]