8 ways to self-care throughout the coronavirus disruption [WITH FREE GIFTS]

Many of us can feel unsettled, uncomfortable and even anxious when sudden changes occur, or there are disruptions to our usual routines. In light of our decision last week to cancel all in-person activities, and with the government’s latest updates to stay at home due to Covid-19, we know that many within our quiet community […]

What intentions do you have for this new year?

How are you setting your intentions for this new year?

Setting New Year intentions Do you have New Year’s resolutions? Have you set yourself some goals for 2020 yet? We all want the year ahead to be a great one for us and it’s easy to get caught up in ideas about what we want to achieve; often coming to the end of the year […]

You have permission to self-care this Christmas

Feeling frazzled is common at this busy time of year as we attempt to meet perceived expectations and create the perfect Christmas -from the gifts we give, to the meals we cook, the conversation we make and generally doing our best to please all of the people who matter to us on the very same […]

Is it time to be kinder to ourselves?

How can Mindfulness help? Mindfulness has become a buzzword of late – known for being a vital component in a self-care tool kit, along with exercise, eating healthily, and all those other things that you know are good for you but you don’t actually do… (Or is that just me?) I knew that mindfulness and […]

The Therapeutic Benefit of Creative Writing: Finding a voice when I was unsure I had one. 

Writing creatively can be very therapeutic. Research has shown that oral and written storytelling can enrich our spiritual and cultural lives and help us heal from past traumas and abuse. Sometimes people write their own life narrative and their writing is autobiographical in nature. Writing about daily experiences, that is, writing rooted in one’s own […]

Are you seeing the whole picture or only looking to the shadows?

Wherever there is sadness, there is also so much more… It can be easy to zoom in on what feels painful or uncomfortable for us and to colour our world as if that’s all there is. But what else would we notice if we took a step back, open to seeing the bigger picture?     […]

3 things that help me wear ‘quiet’ with pride

Living in a culture that can feel like it values extroversion over introversion, there are times when many of us wish we could swap our quiet nature for that of someone more outgoing. Those of us who let that longing go have found ways to focus on all the positives that come with introversion and […]

6 simple self-care tips we often overlook

The truth about ‘self-care’ As far as I can see, self-care is too often pitched by sleek, photoshopped instagram models telling us that merely drinking more glasses of water and putting on face masks are the steps to a perfect life. In reality, self-care is actually far less glamorous. Self-care is described as ‘the practice […]

How you can get started running when you’re feeling self-conscious]

Do you feel self-conscious when exercising? You’re not alone. It’s a challenge that has come up in conversation in our community groups, online and has even been the topic of some of our coaching sessions recently. Well, there’s a few of us in our Quiet Community who have now become determined to push through the […]