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Hey quiet ones and extravert mask

 Stop hiding yourself away & thinking you're not enough. Uncover your quiet confidence & live a life that feels more fulfilling. 

Welcome to Quiet Connections

Hi, we’re Hayley & Stacie. We help quieter people like you with:

  • developing strategies to manage social anxiety & overcoming that feeling of not being good enough & your tendency to hide yourself away; 
  • exploring the strengths of your quieter qualities, practising your uniquely impactful ability to express yourself & redefining what it means to be quiet as part of a community of people on the same path,

So that you can show up confidently as your true self, feel a sense of belonging & grow to love your true quiet nature.

How You Can Work With Us

Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident

Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident Group Programme

Speak up, join in and feel like you belong

You’re tired of feeling behind in life. You want to be more confident, talk more freely and make friends more easily, but it’s so hard for you and right now you’ll do anything to avoid being centre of attention.

Socially Anxious to Quietly Confident is about sharing healthy calming and confidence-boosting strategies; seeing yourself in a more positive light; and gently stretching your comfort zone alongside like-minded people, so you can finally allow yourself to be seen and heard, and embrace all the good things you want in life.

Navigating your life 1:1 Coaching

Navigating Your Life 1:1 Personalised Coaching Programme

Live a more fulfilling life true to who you really are 

The quiet voice inside is telling you you’re here to be and do something more… but what? And how can you shake the anxiety and uncertainty that’s keeping you stuck? 

Navigating Your Life is about exploring your heart’s desires and what’s important to you; discovering what you uniquely have to offer as a quieter, more sensitive person; and accessing your inner courage to show up and take purposeful steps for a more meaningful and nourishing way of living. 

We know life isn’t easy for you right now…

You want to reach out and have a good time with the people around you, but you’re afraid of being laughed at or judged if you say something wrong.

You know you have answers, ideas and opinions to share but when you try, you panic and the words don’t come out (at least not in the order you wanted them to!)

You’d love to seize new opportunities, but you feel too anxious or embarrassed to show people the real you. You worry you’re missing out or falling behind in life. 

But as long as you’re stuck in the fear of failure and rejection, you’ll never be able to achieve all that you want to in your life... and you have the potential to do so much more that you believe right now!

We know, because we’ve been where you are too.

We're Here to Help You

Because we've also felt so anxious in social situations & embarrassed about how ‘flawed’ we were, that we did our best to hide ourselves away to avoid being judged, criticised & rejected.

We spent hours secretly googling “Why am I so shy?” “Overcoming anxiety” & “How to be more confident”. When we hit rock bottom, we tried counselling too. But it didn’t help. We were missing so many puzzle pieces & working with people who just couldn’t understand our behaviour.

Yet we persisted in our quest to understand why social anxiety was affecting us & we discovered how to make changes for ourselves so we can show up & be seen as we want to in life.

Now, as certified coaches, we help people like you to move through social anxiety & walk the path to quiet confidence too, without the secrecy & shame, so you can be more of who you really are, underneath the fear & avoidance – because that’s what it really takes to feel like you belong.

Phil Hayley Stacie - Coaches at Quiet Connections in Cornwall

"If we can go from feeling like we don’t fit in and can’t do normal everyday tasks, to being successful in careers and relationships, and even speaking in public, then so can you..."

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Quiet Connections Review"Working with Quiet Connections made me start to challenge my limiting beliefs and see that my thoughts are not my reality; they’re very powerful, but they don't define who I am. I realised that actually I'm not all these labels that I had said to me over the years and it's made me challenge how I saw myself and to stop rejecting myself.

I want people to know that there's hope. Just because you're used to thinking and behaving in a certain way, it doesn't mean that that is your destiny. And I would definitely recommend doing comfort zone stretches because there's no joy in being stuck. They say life begins at the end of it and it definitely true. "

Esther (read more reviews here)

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Coaching Client Cornwall

"Coaching helped me realise that each and every one of us have individual stories that are important enough to be shared; actually, they need to be heard. It offered me a whole new mindset and the confidence to know that it is OK to use my voice”

Katie Truro

“The team were really welcoming and helped me get the confidence to get a job. Now, I'm earning money and I never thought I could get to this stage but because of them I have. I am so happy I attended Quiet Connections, it really helped and I would definitely recommend it!”