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Meet the Team

We’re a team of coaches and facilitators from Cornwall on a mission to help quieter and more sensitive people like us to overcome social anxiety and the tendency to hide away; feel more confident and live a more fulfilling life. Meet the team and read our story of connection below.


We’re grateful that the universe seems to keep connecting us with such wonderful people. Here’s how the team came together…

Quiet Connections CIC was founded in 2017 by Hayley Stanton after she trained as an NLP Practitioner and an mBIT Coach; though it was an acorn of an idea long before that! In fact, Hayley first met nature-loving Ellie Smart on a ‘Breakthough’ business course with Unlocking Cornish Potential back in 2015 and they instantly felt a ‘quiet connection’. Ellie studied Photography at Falmouth university and now lives in Newquay and manages our Quiet Community, running nature connection and photography courses and arranging our social gatherings! 

Hayley, who grew up in Falmouth and now lives near Redruth, met kindred spirit Stacie Clark, from St Austell, on the School for Social Entrepreneurs Start Up Course in 2016. Whilst on this course, they also became good friends with Vicky Otter, an NLP, Three Principles and mBIT Coach who works with Quiet Connections’ young people and adults in Mount Hawke. Hayley and Stacie quickly began working together and eventually merged business ideas with Stacie becoming a Director and bringing her creative flair to Quiet Connections while training as an NLP Practitioner too. It was on this course that Stacie first met our Coach Elaine Macey from Newquay, who later trained as a Blue Health Coach at the same time as Hayley and became part of the Cornwall coaching team -as did NLP Practitioner and Blue Health Coach, Phil Williams from Porthleven, who joined us as a Director and a Coach in 2021. 

Our course facilitator, Julie Jones from Camborne, actually started out as a coaching client who grew to love her quieter nature and found her tribe with us! She soon started volunteering and leading community groups and workshops for Quiet Connections. Psychological Therapist, Stacey Mills, and Registered Nurse, Jason Crabtree, who both work for the NHS in Cornwall, sit on our Board of Directors as Non-Executives. And we often have people gently stretching their comfort zones volunteering with us and supporting the quiet community - either in person in Cornwall or via our online community. 

We’re grateful for everyone who has played a part in bringing Quiet Connections to life and supporting the Quiet Community in Cornwall and beyond. And a special thanks to Lizzi Larbalestier, our awesome coach trainer who has trained each and every one of our Coaches.

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