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Information for Referral Organisations

Who do we work with?

We help people with overcoming the tendency to feel socially anxious and not good enough and hide themselves away; whether they feel unable to leave the house, or they appear to be functioning well but are avoiding good things they want in life, such as a career move or a hobby. It is not necessary to have a diagnosis to work with us.

Social anxiety is characterised by anxiety and avoidance, which is triggered by an intense fear of negative criticism in performance and social interaction situations. Deep down, people experiencing social anxiety believe that they are flawed and expect to be rejected. So whenever possible, they will attempt to avoid their most feared situations. Whenever it is not avoidable, they will endure the situation, often with feelings of intense distress and panic. Social anxiety affects approximately 1 in 10 people.

We help people with developing strategies to manage social anxiety; exploring their strengths and reconnecting with who they are; practising their ability to express themselves & redefining what it means to be quiet as part of a community of people on the same path. 

Whether someone joins us for a course or one-to-one coaching, they become a part of the Quiet Community with ongoing peer support, daily reflections, access to Members-Only workshops, and social anxiety meet ups in Cornwall.

Social anxiety is a deeply hidden issue but it's the third most common mental health condition affecting approximately 1 in 10 people!

How can we help your clients?


Coaching for Social Anxiety

One-to-one coaching for people who are currently experiencing social anxiety but have a desire to create change for themselves in their lives. They must be willing to commit to the coaching process and be ready to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and make positive changes in order to move forwards in their life.

Our personalised coaching programmes help people with:

  • Reconnecting with their inner knowing and who they truly are; gaining clarity of their sense of purpose and what’s important to them
  • Recognising their value and capability; exploring their unique ability to express themselves and create change
  • Accessing the calm, courage and self-belief within them; taking meaningful steps towards a life that feels more fulfilling

Find out more: Coaching for Social Anxiety - Referrers Information

Quiet Speaking Toolkit

A self-study programme consisting of six modules + bonus. Delivered online and on-demand and created to provide the Participant with helpful tools & techniques that can be implemented from day 1 to support Participants with learning healthy coping strategies for managing social anxiety so they can feel calmer and more confident in social situations. This course costs £99 p/p and includes access to our online quiet community for peer & coach support.


Free stuff!

You can share our free gifts & blog with your clients for information, tools & activities to support their journey from social anxiety to quiet confidence. You'll find a free Community, Workshops, Podcast, eBooks and Workbooks on our Free Gifts page.

Something Bespoke?

We have designed short courses for a range of organisations, from providing social anxiety training for Student Liaison Officers; running self-care workshops for Positive People participants and imposterism workshops for Law Students. We can create a specific workshop to meet your needs too. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Want to make a referral?

Please download the referral form here: Referral Form

Send the completed form to referrals@quietconnections.co.uk

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Please download this flyer to share with your client to help ease any anxieties before we contact them: Hello from Quiet Connections - we'll be in touch soon!