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Information for Referral Organisations

Who do we work with?

At Quiet Connections, we help people experiencing social anxiety to stop panicking and feel more calm and confident in social situations so they can speak up, join in and feel that they belong.

The people we work with tend to be experiencing moderate to severe fear in a variety of social situations and cope by avoiding those situations and holding themselves back in life. No diagnosis required.

How can we help your clients?

Share our free gifts & blog with your clients for information, tools & activities to support their journey from social anxiety to quiet confidence. You'll find free Workshops, an App, Podcast, eBooks and Workbooks on our Free Gifts page.

1. Starter Courses

Short courses for people who feel anxious in social situations. In each course, participants will explore a specific challenge, from quieting their inner critic, to managing panic attacks and learning to like and appreciate themselves. Courses are approx. 2 hours in length and are delivered online at least twice times a month. Participants will take away new insights and tips plus an activity to help them implement their newfound knowledge after the session.

Click here to see available courses

2. The Quiet Speaking Toolkit

A self-study programme designed for quieter people who struggle with speaking up and joining in. This course is packed with tools and techniques that can be implemented from day one to reduce panic in social situations and promote confidence and calm so that they can speak more clearly and easily in conversations, groups, interviews and presentations.

Find out more: The Quiet Speaking Toolkit - Referrers Information

3. Coaching for Social Anxiety

One-to-one coaching for people who are currently experiencing social anxiety but have a desire to create change for themselves in their lives. They must be willing to commit to the coaching process and be ready to explore their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and make positive changes in order to move forwards in their life.

Find out more: Coaching for Social Anxiety - Referrers Information

Want to make a referral?

Please download the referral form here: Referral form

Send the completed form to referrals@quietconnections.co.uk

...then share this with your client

Please download this flyer to share with your client to help ease any anxieties before we contact them: Hello from Quiet Connections - we'll be in touch soon!