8 ways to self-care throughout the coronavirus disruption [WITH FREE GIFTS]

Many of us can feel unsettled, uncomfortable and even anxious when sudden changes occur, or there are disruptions to our usual routines. In light of our decision last week to cancel all in-person activities, and with the government’s latest updates to stay at home due to Covid-19, we know that many within our quiet community […]

4 lessons to help you feel more courageous with presentations

At 7 years old, I felt so terrified when doing a ‘weather forecast’ at school, I nervously farted in front of my class. At 26, I froze during a 3-minute presentation whilst on a ‘Projecting Professional Confidence’ workshop; feeling unable to finish I ran back to my seat and held back tears as my body […]

The importance of rewriting your stories without Villains and Victims

I spent my childhood loving a man who I called Grandad. When I was 11, a series of events led to a situation whereby I found myself on the receiving end of the bitterness, anger, aggression and hostility stored within him; and just like that, I casted him as a villain in my life, soon […]

I was, I am, I will be; a Quiet Community Exhibition

We are so pleased to see our first quiet community project come together; because we all have a story, and every one of them deserves to be shared and heard. What you’ll find at the ‘I was, I am, I will be’ exhibition, are the stories of those of us who once preferred to remain […]

Painting for self-kindness and relaxation [Free Workshops]

Painting for self-kindness and relaxation [Free workshops]

Watch Stacie talking about using expressive painting for self-compassion and find out how she does it. Look out for our expressive painting workshops coming up: Monday 8th April at our Quiet Connections Truro group – Cafe Chaos 5-7pm: An introduction to painting for self-compassion Saturday 4th May at The Museum of Cornish Life in Helston […]

Feel undeserving about recognition? Here’s what you can do about it

Why is it that some people seem to be able to gracefully accept compliments for a job well done, recognising the credit that they rightly deserve, while others try to divert the attention and want to run away from it instead? If you lean more towards the latter, then welcome to the club, because I […]

Meet Stacie; Your perfectly imperfect Community Coordinator

What stops you from sharing yourself with the world?  For me, it’s the fear of rejection. Built on that are the fears of failure and the fear of being seen for who I am; digging deep beneath it, it’s believing I’m unworthy and undeserving; all topped off with a dollop of feeling not enough. A […]

‘I was, I am, I will be…’ Speak the unspoken in our latest Community Project

“There is the work that you physically make, but there’s also the journey that happens on the inside.” – Leonardo Drew What if by exploring and reflecting on your own experiences you saw yourself in a different light? What if something you created offered hope to another who was feeling alone in their anxieties and […]

How I am growing my own self-compassion

I’ve not always been very compassionate towards myself. In fact, as an INFP personality type, self-hate, punishment and criticism is a speciality of mine. However, personality type aside, this is something that can plague every single one of us – I know this because, you have told me. I hear it everywhere I go; on […]

Crochet to ease anxiety

How can 3 minutes of crochet ease anxiety?

We all experience anxiety; it’s a completely natural emotion and physical response – it can even serve us well in certain moments and in small controlled spells. However, if anxious feelings are something that you feel like you are currently struggling with, then finding ways in which to manage that experience can really help to […]

Seeing the good in you

Seeing the Good in You

Yes. For just a moment, imagine if you obsessed about the things you loved about yourself? How would you feel? Put simply, you would feel pretty fucking awesome right? But hold on, it’s not that easy I hear you say. Well, I know. In fact, I know this all too well. I have spent most of […]