4 lessons to help you feel more courageous with presentations

At 7 years old, I felt so terrified when doing a ‘weather forecast’ at school, I nervously farted in front of my class. At 26, I froze during a 3-minute presentation whilst on a ‘Projecting Professional Confidence’ workshop; feeling unable to finish I ran back to my seat and held back tears as my body […]

3 lessons from Brené Brown that will help you to deal with criticism

We all know that thoughtful feedback shared with us from a place of compassion helps us to grow, even if this isn’t always easy to hear. But there are some people who seem to spend much of their life hurling judgement and critical ‘advice’ at others with very little consideration and compassion behind it. Hurtful […]

4 simple techniques I used to slay my dragons of anxiety as a wedding guest

In the early budding stage of our relationship, my boyfriend’s sister invited me to her wedding. Upon receiving this news, I mentally responded in two ways. Firstly I was filled with elation, after all, she was betting on us being together a whole year into the future, a potentially risky move for a bride. Who […]

3 reasons you need to have that tough conversation today

Let’s face it, we would all rather avoid uncomfortable feelings if it were at all possible. This includes avoiding tough conversations. When we feel hurt or vulnerable, our first response is often to do anything we can to move away from that feeling. We might be choosing to be burying our heads in the sand […]

How allowing myself to try helped me with anxiety

My mantra through school and university life was ‘avoid all eye contact with the teacher and they likely won’t pick on you to answer a question’. It wasn’t that I was a bad student, in fact I was always among the ones topping the class. It’s just that my confidence just seemed to end beyond […]

rattle the stars

What if you could rattle the stars?

Rattle the stars Hundreds and hundreds of books overflowing from my bookcases show that I’ve always been a big reader. You can usually find me in the middle of reading something. I find it to be incredibly safe and familiar with my head in a book. The fact that I can escape to other worlds, […]

Social entrepreneurship: my unique perspective [Cornwall Business Fair video]

Last week, I spoke at Cornwall Business Fair alongside Sally Heard, CEO from Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), and Ian Curnow from Konnect Cornwall. I opened up about the hidden challenges of social entrepreneurship: feeling like you’re not good enough and don’t belong here. The imposter experience is something I think the majority of us have […]

Avoiding confrontation

How I learned to cope with confrontation

Whilst I have struggled socially my entire life, it was only in the past year that I was diagnosed with anxiety. Rewind to last April and I was working for a publishing house and loving every minute of it. This was not meant to be, however, as I was made redundant after just 3 months […]

Comfort Zone

How to grow your comfort zone [Free gift]

How do you cope when you feel anxious in social situations? My go-to strategy was always avoidance. I’d choose not to do anything that would put me in what I’d imagine to be an uncomfortable situation. Sometimes, I’d wish so hard that I would become sick so I didn’t have to go somewhere, that I […]


Why you need to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others

Shelving Self-Compassion When I first heard about the concept of Compassion as a therapeutic tool to support people, I thought ‘Great! I love that idea; it’s right up my street!’ so I bought a few books, read a couple of chapters and then put them on a shelf somewhere, feeling positive about the basic idea […]

cancer slam

#TheVulnerabilityChallenge: Dancing in the street (Day 17)

#TheVulnerabilityChallenge Day 17 Keep dancing… don’t worry about being perfect So many of us won’t allow ourselves the freedom to be silly and expressive. We’re so worried about what other people think of us; we feel we must be calm, cool and collected to be ‘good enough’. “We hustle for our worthiness by slipping on the […]