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Jess’ story: Quiet in nature

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You know that feeling when you are having a moment to think? You’re sat looking at something you love, you breathe deep and a sense of calm follows. This is what I have with my great love of nature. This love has expanded as I have grown older, developed a business within nature and in […]

Connection & relationships

Why might someone who’s feeling socially anxious be thinking of suicide? [Raising Awareness on World Suicide Prevention Day]

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BBC Spotlight Suicide Prevention

What you need to know about feeling socially anxious and suicidal thinking How many people who feel socially anxious and not good enough have experienced suicidal thinking, or even attempts? If you saw us talking about the rise in suicide rates in Cornwall on Spotlight recently, you’ll know this is something that our own quiet […]


Introverts in literature

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Introvert Power

Like many introverts, I grew up with my nose in a book, ignoring the world around me and finding solace in the mystical literary worlds. As an English Literature Grad, I am of course, shamelessly sneaking in an article about books here. In my 25 years, I have discovered many lives, visited different countries and […]

Health & Wellbeing

Why is self-compassion so important?

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Self-compassion heart

It’s easy to think that self-compassion is something you can get by without. You can be compassionate towards others, and that’s all that really matters right? But is this true? You only have so much compassion to give. If you’re not re-filling that reservoir of compassion, you’re going to dry up. And then what? Your […]


Seeing the Good in You

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Seeing the good in you

Yes. For just a moment, imagine if you obsessed about the things you loved about yourself? How would you feel? Put simply, you would feel pretty fucking awesome right? But hold on, it’s not that easy I hear you say. Well, I know. In fact, I know this all too well. I have spent most of […]