The importance of rewriting your stories without Villains and Victims

I spent my childhood loving a man who I called Grandad. When I was 11, a series of events led to a situation whereby I found myself on the receiving end of the bitterness, anger, aggression and hostility stored within him; and just like that, I casted him as a villain in my life, soon […]

3 top TED talks for self-acceptance

We all have days when we need a boost. We might be feeling low on confidence, misunderstood, or doubting our abilities. These TED talks are for those days. Days when you need a pep talk on the unique qualities we can bring to the world. Talks to lift the spirit and remind you, it’s ok to be you.

Feel undeserving about recognition? Here’s what you can do about it

Why is it that some people seem to be able to gracefully accept compliments for a job well done, recognising the credit that they rightly deserve, while others try to divert the attention and want to run away from it instead? If you lean more towards the latter, then welcome to the club, because I […]