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3 top TED talks for self-acceptance

We all have days when we need a boost. We might be feeling low on confidence, misunderstood, or doubting our abilities.

These TED talks are for those days. Days when you need a pep talk on the unique qualities we can bring to the world. Talks to lift the spirit and remind you, it’s ok to be you.

Susan Cain, The Power of Introverts

Following on from her brilliant book Quiet (a highly recommended read) Susan Cain argues a moving case for those of us inclined towards introversion.

She feels that we need to redress the balance in a society skewed towards extroversion, highlighting an interesting history of the ‘culture of personality.’

Sarah Corbett, Activism needs introverts

An inspiring talk about how we can creatively use our individual qualities to get our message across.

Sarah Corbett demonstrates that there are many ways to communicate powerfully, and sometimes ‘in your face’ expression creates blocks to open discourse.

Brené Brown, The Power of Vulnerability

Brené Brown argues that when we open ourselves up to being vulnerable we truly connect with others, which is the basis of human existence. Her book, Daring Greatly, is also highly recommended.

If you enjoyed these…

Also check out Brian Little, Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality and Guy Winch, Why we all need to practise emotional first aid’, two more talks that may help us on our journey towards self acceptance.

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  • Ellie Williams

    Ellie is interested in the barriers that we can put up to stop people seeing our ‘whole’ selves. She is a great believer in the power of sharing our vulnerabilities, and the authentic connections that come as a result. Motherhood, mindfulness and the support of good friends have all been instrumental in helping her manage her anxiety. She hopes that writing about her work in progress will help & inspire others.

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