#TheVulnerabilityChallenge: My socially anxious struggle with fitness (Day 6)

#TheVulnerabilityChallenge Day 6 When feeling socially anxious impacts on your physical health too Exercise and fitness has been a huge trigger for me over the years. Comparison and fear of judgement has kept me from improving my fitness in the way I wanted. I HATED P.E when I was at school. Sometimes I would hide in the […]


#TheVulnerabilityChallenge: How blushing increases feelings of vulnerability (Day 5)

#TheVulnerabilityChallenge Day 5 The vulnerability in blushing I’ve always been someone who blushes. I would go bright red in the face and come up in a blotchy red rash on my chest in any situation where I would be noticed and even where I thought about being in uncomfortable situations – not just during presentations! It could […]

lessons from a cats flight - fight or flight

Lessons from a cat’s flight: Is staying small keeping you safe?

Little Bug was adopted six years ago. We didn’t see him at first; he hid in a box at the rescue centre. One day, in a moment of courage, he ventured out of his box and plonked himself down on my partner’s lap. That was it, he’d chosen us. It’s been fairly evident that Bug […]

talking about feeling socially anxious video

You’re not alone: Talking about feeling socially anxious [video]

Do you feel anxious in social situations? Do you think people are watching you and judging you? You’re not alone. Stacie, Gemma, Hayley and Sarah discuss feeling socially anxious; avoiding university; the fear of job seeking; and feeling like no one else understands. This video is part of Falmouth University student, Verena Wegmann’s social anxiety campaign, sharing the […]

think our way into anxiety

Jumping to conclusions: How we think our way into anxiety

How is it possible that two people can experience the same situation so differently? How can one person feel confident while the other is anxious? Because our thoughts and feelings seem real to us, we believe they must be true. But what if they’re not? Could we just be jumping to conclusions? The way you think […]

Hayleys Story

Hayley’s story: I avoided all the good things in life

Facts Socially anxious until I had coaching in my mid 20’s Introvert and highly sensitive person ANLP (The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming) Professional Member NLP Practitioner and mBIT Coach with an ILM Award Coaching and a BSc in Health I enjoy learning about the science behind how we make decisions and why we behave the way we do […]