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Finding my way through my dreams

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I have recently been having extremely vivid dreams and nightmares. When I awake, I question myself. I have to decide whether to heed the warnings or to not allow them to distract my way of life. Sometimes I find a dream might try to haunt me for the rest of the day, and finding a […]


#TheVulnerabilityChallenge: An anxious dance of relationship self-sabotage (Day 10)

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sabotaging relationships

#TheVulnerabilityChallenge Day 10 The habit of sabotaging relationships When you’re feeling socially anxious, you can make irrational decisions, behave in odd ways and say strange and hurtful things. We don’t always realise it when we’re in that state of anxiety. We don’t really have that awareness of how our behaviour impacts other people. We can be […]