Are you ‘perfect’ or authentic?

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Quiet Connections accepting imperfections

Remember how it felt at school, when a teacher would ask a question that you had no clue how to answer? So many of us have felt the sinking feeling of being picked despite our best efforts to appear invisible. (I’m talking shrinking down in seats, avoiding eye contact with the teacher- the best avoidance […]


How I learnt to manage exam stress

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Watching my little sister about to take her GCSE exams and feeling all the anxiety and stress that we’ve all experienced before, got me thinking of all the ways I used to try to tackle exam stress and all the anxiety surrounding exams. I’m currently on my gap year before I start university in September, […]

Coping strategies

How I am tackling my need for control

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Feelings of anxiety often stem from a lack of control over uncontrollable aspects of situations. Thinking I need to be able to control everything to ensure that I don’t feel anxious is often what fuels the anxious feelings. Having grown up referring to this as the ‘vicious circle’, I have realised that whilst I recognise […]