The importance of rewriting your stories without Villains and Victims

I spent my childhood loving a man who I called Grandad. When I was 11, a series of events led to a situation whereby I found myself on the receiving end of the bitterness, anger, aggression and hostility stored within him; and just like that, I casted him as a villain in my life, soon […]

How the fear of missing out gets me to the party

One big assumption that people often make about introverts is that we hate going to parties. More often than not, as an introvert with anxiety, this assumption is correct for me. But as I have grown older, the definition of a party has changed. A few years ago, an invite to a party would conjure […]

Could social media be compounding social anxiety?

Feelings of social anxiety seem to have happened gradually for me; they kind of crept up on me into adulthood. So I started thinking about how the development of society may have subconsciously affected me, such as the “big brother” phenomena, the rise of public CCTV placement instilling the idea of being continually watched, without […]

3 steps for overcoming loneliness

Is it surprising to find out how, when we’re feeling lonely, we can create a self-fulfilling prophesy for ourselves if we’re not careful? In our last post, we explored how our unconscious attempts at self-protecting can lead us deep into disconnection:  Read: “Why isn’t it easy to reach out and connect when we’re feeling lonely?” […]

Why isn’t it easy to reach out and connect when we’re feeling lonely?

You rarely hear anyone talking about feeling lonely, do you? It’s another one of those taboo topics, despite the fact that we all feel lonely at times. There’s a stigma attached to loneliness and it’s almost like we believe if we feel lonely then there’s something wrong with us. Or maybe we’re worried that we’re […]

3 reasons you need to have that tough conversation today

Let’s face it, we would all rather avoid uncomfortable feelings if it were at all possible. This includes avoiding tough conversations. When we feel hurt or vulnerable, our first response is often to do anything we can to move away from that feeling. We might be choosing to be burying our heads in the sand […]