4 lessons to help you feel more courageous with presentations

At 7 years old, I felt so terrified when doing a ‘weather forecast’ at school, I nervously farted in front of my class. At 26, I froze during a 3-minute presentation whilst on a ‘Projecting Professional Confidence’ workshop; feeling unable to finish I ran back to my seat and held back tears as my body […]

What I’ve learned about group sharing and vulnerability

‘Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity.’ Brene Brown – Daring Greatly. Like many introverts, I have always been a chronic hater of sharing with the group. Allowing myself to be vulnerable – seen, heard and judged. Speaking in class, staff […]

How taking one small step can change your life

Alice LeonAlice remains true to her name; she is sincerely an inhabitant of Wonderland. A born extroverted introvert, Alice always desired to fully experience the world and live fully. Yet, she didn’t feel like she fit within society and spent years retreating into her own bubble. But escaping into ‘Wonderland’ wasn’t the nirvana it may […]

Starting University

One girl, a gap year, a university, and a whole lot of fear.

One girl, a gap year, a university, and a whole lot of fear. That’s the run down of things right now. Let me explain… Things don’t always go to plan My intention was to start university last year, straight from college as most of my friends were doing. I was a mix of excitement and fear. […]

Quiet Connections Social Gatherings

What happens when you join a Quiet Connections social gathering?

Social gatherings can seem endlessly daunting, and it can often feel as though the safest option is to gracefully bow out and avoid such situations. I know this because I have done it countless times, and I know I probably will do it at least a few more times in my life. We often feel […]

How I am learning to celebrate positive change

Change is something that I find incredibly daunting, and is often the root of anxiety for me. I find myself feeling very safe in normality and routines, and so big changes are often something that I struggle with a little. Something that I have noticed, however, is the importance of celebrating positive change. An example […]

How I am overcoming social anxiety to shave my head in aid of the ME Association

Why would anyone who feels socially anxious want to shave their head? Clearly, it could draw unwanted attention and open us up to judgement… the very things that anyone who feels socially anxious tries to avoid! (You can read my story here.) But, I believe that when we care about something enough, we can push […]

Social entrepreneurship: my unique perspective [Cornwall Business Fair video]

Last week, I spoke at Cornwall Business Fair alongside Sally Heard, CEO from Cornwall School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE), and Ian Curnow from Konnect Cornwall. I opened up about the hidden challenges of social entrepreneurship: feeling like you’re not good enough and don’t belong here. The imposter experience is something I think the majority of us have […]

How I am tackling my need for control

Feelings of anxiety often stem from a lack of control over uncontrollable aspects of situations. Thinking I need to be able to control everything to ensure that I don’t feel anxious is often what fuels the anxious feelings. Having grown up referring to this as the ‘vicious circle’, I have realised that whilst I recognise […]

Avoiding confrontation

How I learned to cope with confrontation

Whilst I have struggled socially my entire life, it was only in the past year that I was diagnosed with anxiety. Rewind to last April and I was working for a publishing house and loving every minute of it. This was not meant to be, however, as I was made redundant after just 3 months […]