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How comedian Rhod Gilbert is Standing Up to Shyness

Take a look at the other side of confident comedian, Rhod Gilbert, in his documentary “Stand Up to Shyness” and see how stand up boosts the confidence of his three volunteers.

Stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert is painfully shy. Yes, he can stand up in front of 20,000 people and make them laugh but he finds it very difficult to talk to people one to one. It’s something he’s kept well hidden… until he did a documentary about it!

We see Rhod struggling to go into a cafe to buy a coffee, and approach strangers at a shopping centre. He talks about how social anxiety has had a massive effect on his life. Rhod shares his story and invites other people who feel shy to do the same, including comedian Greg Davies. Keen to get to the bottom of it, Rhod talks to scientists about social anxiety and explores what can be done, including how stand up can help to boost the confidence of his three volunteers who all feel painfully shy too – worth watching to the end to see them perform!

If this is something that is affecting you, join the Quiet Community today to walk the path from socially anxious to quietly confident alongside others. 

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