You have permission to self-care this Christmas

Feeling frazzled is common at this busy time of year as we attempt to meet perceived expectations and create the perfect Christmas -from the gifts we give, to the meals we cook, the conversation we make and generally doing our best to please all of the people who matter to us on the very same […]

Clutter at Christmas time

7 great gifts for the sensitive person who hates clutter

You know how messy your mind can feel when you’re surrounded by ‘things’? When the totality of your possessions becomes overwhelming, it chips away at your wellbeing. But, did you know you don’t need to be drowning in a sea of stuff for this to take effect? Some of us are more sensitive to this […]

Dear Santa This Christmas

Dear Santa, This Christmas…

Dear Santa, This Christmas, I don’t want to stuff every nook and cranny in my home with purposeless possessions that have no place. I don’t want a room full of ‘junk’ I haven’t looked at in months. I don’t want to put up another shelf to display random bits and bobs that aren’t deeply meaningful […]