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Letting Go of Thinking You’re Not Good Enough with Vicky Otter (Innate Connection)

Are you feeling like you’re not good enough? Do you find yourself criticising yourself for being ‘too much’ of something or ‘not enough’ in some way? If you’re struggling with negative thoughts about yourself then you need to listen to the wise words of Wellbeing Coach, Vicky Otter, who joins Hayley in today’s episode to explore the nature of thought. You’ll find out why your thoughts aren’t true and ways to gently let those thoughts pass to allow new insights and possibilities to emerge. A beautiful conversation full of many insights with the potential to shift the way you think about yourself, too.

Becoming Quietly Confident – The Quiet Connections Podcast

In this first episode, you’ll be getting to know us and hearing our stories. You’ll begin to collect some of the key puzzle pieces that have helped us, and the people we have worked with, to move beyond anxiety and avoidance. Discover the three-step model that we use to support people at Quiet Connections as you explore with us what it takes to grow your confidence so you can finally speak up, join in and feel like you belong.