Conversations, a Speaking Connections evening

What are you thinking about when you’re having a conversation? Are you fully present? Or is there a voice in your head?

At Speaking Connections in August we looked at listening skills and explored what goes on in our heads when we’re having a conversation. I think everyone was a bit surprised to find out that other people were having the same sorts of thoughts (we do tend to think we’re the only ones don’t we?). We all agreed that we were  actually listening only about 50% to the person speaking, and 50% to our own internal dialogue. I’ve created this video to share some of the things that came up in our discussions.

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  • Gemma Kauder

    If you feel socially anxious, shy or like you’re not good enough, Gemma has one clear message for you: You’re not alone. Gemma has personally experienced this too, and she understands how it can hold a person back in certain aspects of life. Now, Gemma shares tips and stories using her own insights and those of other people. Gemma is passionate about encouraging others to celebrate their quiet strengths, grow in confidence and move forwards in life. You’ll find Gemma writing for our blog, running our social media accounts, supporting people at our gatherings or, in true introvert-style, she’ll be out in nature with her camera on another Cornish adventure.

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