December Messages of Gratitude for Team Quiet

Welcome to our messages of gratitude for December from Hayley and Stacie to Team Quiet.

This month we’re focusing on gratitude for the part that everyone played in the Quieteers Christmas Celebration last Thursday. The event didn’t quite go to plan and there were things outside of all of our control that we hadn’t accounted for, which naturally had a ripple effect. But many people did have a great time and left feeling positive having connected with new people. Activities were well received, quieteers from our Meet Ups stepped into new volunteering roles and our whole event team were fantastic – supportive, creative and adaptable – and it was the first time many of them had met each other too.

There’s lots to both learn from and celebrate in all that we achieved. We took on something huge for the first time here, stretching our own comfort zones holding a big event and bringing together over 50 people who consider themselves introverted, sensitive or shy – and the whole team deserves celebrating for the part that they played.

Thank you all for continuing to learn and grow with us this year 🙏

We’re grateful for you…

⭐ Julie – thank you for being the first to arrive, for making things cosy, taking quieteers on a sound journey, and for quickly agreeing to pied-piper people to the celebration zone when ‘something’ needed to happen – introducing humour in the process and bringing a lightness to the event.

⭐ Esther – thank you for helping us with all of the kit we brought to the venue, for organising the pebbles into their jars and helping us to set up our activities at the start and pack away at the end. Thank you also for observing the room and connecting with the guests and putting people at ease. You did a great job.

⭐ Vicky – thank you for arriving alongside us and diving in to help with unloading the kit and setting up. Your hugs and reassurance calmed both of us down and you wrote such beautiful meaningful messages in the gratitude letters for quieteers. Thank you for facilitating that activity.

⭐ Michele – thank you for finding such a beautiful venue for the event. For all of the work you did in the preparation leading up to the event. For supporting a quieteer so well when they were upset upon arrival, containing a paint crisis and helping reunite a quieteer with their phone alongside connecting so many quieteers on the night.

⭐ Kieron – thank you for stepping in to help at short notice, making sure team members were hydrated, turning your hand to any random request, and bringing calm and order to what could have been a very chaotic parking situation. We hear you were “lovely, super jolly and clear” and I appreciate your help loading up the car at the end.

⭐ Hannah – thank you for making the crackers earlier in the week, and for arriving early to help us set up – seeing your smiling face felt like such a relief and we’re grateful to you for making all new leaves for the Tree of Hope, arranging everything so beautifully and for staying to help pack up at the end, too.

⭐ Chris – thank you for your home-made vegan flapjacks, which we hear were very tasty, appreciated and “absolutely amazing”. Thank you also for making up crackers before the event, for arriving early to help get the activities set up and organised, for staying later to help us pack down and for warmly connecting with quieteers on the night.

⭐ Rose – thank you for creating cosy spaces and bringing your nurturing energy to support the team and guests as a wonderfully warm welcomer and quiet connector. You kept beautifully calm and focused when things got busy and helped to manage the early arrivals. Thank you for staying behind to help pack up, too.

⭐ Elaine – thank you for showing up like a ray of sunshine and setting to work adding to the cosiness of the lounge. You were truly wonderful warmly connecting with quieteers, helping them to feel at ease and managing the early arrivals. You stayed later than planned speaking with quieteers and that was so appreciated too.

⭐ Elliot – thank you for bringing your creativity and calm to the event. You facilitated such a popular and enjoyable activity and made some lovely examples of what could be written on the baubles. There always seemed to be lots of people around you and you managed this so well.

⭐ Ellie and Zoe – thanks to you both for managing the sound in Godrevy room and photography as well as connecting with quieteers. We really appreciate you capturing the evening for us and creating a lovely vibe. The impromptu piano playing from Zoe was a beautiful touch that quieteers commented on, too. A special thank you to Ellie for helping to plan this event from idea stage.

⭐ Phil – thank you for joining us with your unwavering sense of calm, for showing up to support even though you’ve been feeling under the weather and for stepping in to help manage the gratitude letters and goodbyes when (out of nowhere!) the clock struck 9:00pm.

⭐ Jason – thank you for helping us to prepare for the event; from accepting and carrying heavy parcels (and clearing up smashed drink bottles on delivery) to spending hours in your workshop developing creative solutions to improve our stands and tree of life.

⭐ Emily – thank you for preparing to run the writing for wellbeing and poetry session, and for cutting out all the original blue leaves. We’re so sad that you couldn’t be with us in the end but so grateful for your intention.

⭐ Stacey M – thank you for helping to develop the conversation starters for the evening, even though the event timing clashed with your work hours and you couldn’t be there on the night.

⭐ James B – thank you for volunteering to help with making up the crackers for the celebration whilst at Hayle Meet Up and for joining us on the day.

⭐️ Jane at Epiphany House for being so incredibly helpful and generous, truly understanding of the needs of our quieteers and making organising an event with you an extremely pleasant experience.

⭐ Daniela (Kernow Baking Mumma) – thank you for the beautifully made yummy cakes with a delightful selection of designs and flavours for our celebration. We loved finding the secret “QC”s hidden within the designs!


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