What is mBraining coaching and why is this interesting?

Think about all the times you have been making a decision and you’ve felt torn between different options. Perhaps logic is telling you that you should do one thing, but your heart isn’t really in it? Or maybe you’re blindly following your heart into a situation while your gut is screaming at you that it’s the wrong thing to do? And with hindsight, you wish you had listened. It can be difficult to know what to do when you have mixed feelings like this.

This is where mBraining comes in.

New science

Science has proven that the heart and the gut are nervous systems that exhibit all the hallmarks of the brain in your head. Not only do they share a comparable structure -made up of the same types of neurons and neurotransmitters- but they function similarly too.

Your heart and gut can absorb, interpret and process information, just as your brain can. They don’t need your brain to direct them; they can actually function without it. And they can learn and store memories too!

All the evidence tells us that they are centres of intelligence just like your head. Then the insights they hold must be just as valuable as those of your analytical mind. So which do you listen to when you’re getting a different message from each?

mBraining offers practical applications for harnessing all the intelligence within you to make wiser decisions and achieve the best outcomes for you. It’s a process of working with our three intelligence centres (or our three ‘brains’) that has been carefully developed through extensive behavioural modelling and informed by the latest neuroscience research.

Old wisdom

Whilst groundbreaking, this knowledge is not entirely new to us. There have been hundreds of scientific studies on the gut, the heart and the head –individually. For years, researchers have approached each in an isolated and specialised manner.

mBraining looks at the bigger picture; how all three neural networks integrate, communicate and interact, and how this relates to our quality of life and our ability to make authentic, effective decisions that we have complete confidence in.

What’s more, the findings are strongly aligned with the deep insights of ancient wisdom and spiritual practises of over two and a half thousand years. Science is now catching up with what we already intuitively knew! The neuroscience-based principles that support so many of these ancient teachings help us to grasp why personal development approaches do or do not work at times.

This amazing contribution to the field of human development gives additional power to existing approaches of behavioural change with a specific suite of practical methods called ‘mBIT’ (multiple Brain Integration Techniques). It is with these tools and techniques that we can identify, understand and align the signals between our head, heart and gut intelligences, so we can make incredible transformations.

And that’s what mBraining is all about: improving how we live our lives; living wisely and feeling aligned for greater happiness and success.

Some of our coaches are trained in mBIT and integrate practises into their coaching processes. You can find out more about coaching with us here.


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