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Meet Stacie; Your perfectly imperfect Community Coordinator

What stops you from sharing yourself with the world? 

For me, it’s the fear of rejection. Built on that are the fears of failure and the fear of being seen for who I am; digging deep beneath it, it’s believing I’m unworthy and undeserving; all topped off with a dollop of feeling not enough.

A long time ago I started believing that it was ‘better’ and ‘easier’ to reject myself first, to not bother trying, to not show my full self, and to avoid letting others get too close to me. I learnt that it was ‘safer’ to build barriers and to guard my heart. I slowly forgot how to fully and deeply trust myself; all in the name of self-protection, to avoid feeling hurt. However, in the long run, it hasn’t played out that way. It no longer seems ‘better’, ‘easier’, or ‘safer’; and when the barriers are up, how can I expect emotions to ebb and flow with ease?

I’ve been on an expedition over the last few years, travelling to the centre of my universe, and wondering what if something else was actually true? And whilst these limiting beliefs and behaviours still pop up from time to time, there is a big part of me that loves who I am and knows that there is more than meets the eye; it’s just of matter of ‘relearning’ how to fully show up in this world – taking it step by step.

So, with that said, you may have noticed that I have been hiding away in the background since joining QC, or that I come across (delightfully?) awkward in the video below (part of my stretching right now is sharing this imperfect and messy video with you and being okay with that!), or that you and I are perhaps not so different or alone.

I welcome you in on my journey, and I hope you will welcome me in on yours; to connect, stretch and grow, together. 

Quiet Connections Co-Director & Community Coordinator, Stacie, braves the camera for a meet and greet after 10 months of hiding behind the scenes. Stacie shares her experiences of not feeling good enough, why crochet, art and creativity is so meaningful to her, and offers a sneak peek into our latest community project ‘I was, I am, I will be’.

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