Quiet Connections groups in Cornwall

Creating a community of understanding and a safe place for you to learn, grow, make friends and practise your social abilities...

Gradually growing your comfort zone
Meeting new people in a relaxed way
Exploring new places & trying new things

“I'm so glad I found you. It's so nice to know that others are going through similar things. What I like most is being able to talk to others who have similar issues, learning how to overcome those using different techniques to control anxiety. It's been a great way of making new friends with similar stories. You are an inspiration.”

- Claire

Quiet Get-Togethers

Bringing like-minded people together in a space where it's okay to talk and it's okay to be quiet too.

Calm spaces for gently connecting with people who have similar stories with no pressure to speak up or join in; you’re free to go at your own pace.

Gently grow your confidence and stretch your comfort zone with optional creative workshops, community projects, activities for recognising your quiet strengths, and trips to explore new places. Or use our supportive spaces to simply enjoy a cuppa or hot coco over a friendly chat, bring a book to read, and gift yourself some quiet you-time.

“The best bit is that there’s no pressure to be anyone but yourself. Other people can relate to how hard and stressful it can be. It’s really good; a chilled atmosphere and no pressure to participate”

- Gemma

“I met some lovely people tonight and surprised myself by speaking out to the whole group! You are awesome. Thank you for this opportunity.”

- Sarah

“I like the openness of the group and the way they greeted me when I first started a few months ago. They continue to show an interest and make me feel welcome.”

- Jake

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