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Being a part of a quiet community

As soon as I read the description for Quiet Connections and their volunteer role, it struck a chord and resonated with me. It immediately stood out from other voluntary roles. As someone who has experienced self-esteem, shyness and social anxiety issues, I wanted to get involved in any way I could.

I find it refreshing to hear similar experiences to mine in a space where they are the focus. I know personally how low self-esteem and confidence; shyness, and social anxiety can really affect a person’s life. It’s an indescribable feeling to be a part of a community who’ve experienced similar to me. When I found myself in those situations, I’d wonder why it happens to me, feeling like the odd one out and unintentionally doing things differently.

Throughout my life there have been countless situations where I found myself alone. After a while I felt I got used to it and adapted to that environment to the point where I prefer it to being surrounded with noise.

You might have seen my previous post about my college experiences and where I spoke about how I used to pretend to be ill and stay at home from school, avoiding challenging tasks and panicking when I couldn’t. I knew I’d have to make friends at college because otherwise it wouldn’t be an enjoyable time. I couldn’t conform to what other people in my class were doing – all eating lunch together, doing group activities. I’d rather do something sincerely, than participate for the sake of it. I spent all of my free time at college during this period listening to music, walking around the city whilst I ate my lunch. I was quite happy doing that instead of being uncomfortable in a group there was no need to be a part of. Over the two years, I found the confidence to approach two of my classmates who were always alone too and we became good friends.

However, I believe it’s important to have an outlet like this, so similar people alike in experiences can gain more insight and support regarding what they’re struggling with. I think we stand a better chance of managing our anxieties and moving forwards in life when we’re on the journey together.

Before and since coming across Quiet Connections, I’ve not seen any similar organisations. For me, that supplies more than enough evidence that Quiet Connections has a general significance, and in its uniqueness. It’s really good to see an organisation which deals with issues such as social anxiety exists now. I value this organisation and I’m proud to be a part of it. I feel very fortunate to be involved and to have the opportunity to write for the blog. The prospect of which excites me because it allows me to be involved with the Quiet Community, as well as being able to share with others who might be feeling alone as I was and offer my contribution.

Now, through my experiences, I can give back to those who may still be going through challenging times, passing on what I’ve learnt and my experiences to help others.

I am not ashamed of anything I’ve done and I’m proud of who I am. Each experience -through overcoming challenges, obstacles, and barriers- has helped me to develop and reach who I am with the values and standards I hold. Without my challenges, I would remain none the wiser about what there is to offer me, and what I have to offer.

I look forward to contributing more within our Quiet Community and seizing the opportunity to share my experiences with others through Quiet Connections. I wish you all the best with what you’re going through and may you all have success with Quiet Connections and all areas of life! Thanks again for your organisation – an apt attribute.

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