What’s happening at Quiet Connections in Falmouth?


Thanks to Hannah at inFalmouth for sharing this lovely piece on the Quiet Connections Falmouth group!

We meet at Huddle Cafe in Falmouth on the first and third Thursdays of the month. This is a place where it’s okay to talk and it’s okay to be quiet too. The group is run by Sophie and Gracie and there are optional creative activities available for you to try, with occasional workshops from Sophie, Gracie and guests. Or it’s perfectly okay to bring your own activities or even a book to read, or simply stop by for a cuppa and a chat.

This is a place for men and women of all ages – we have students, right up to people in their 60’s coming along and everyone here knows what it’s like to feel shy or anxious meeting new people or joining in social gatherings, which helps you to feel at ease knowing that everyone else feels like this too.

(please note: there is no group on April 4th)


  • Hayley Stanton

    Hi, I’m Hayley - the original quieteer. I, too, identify as a quiet person. I’m naturally a highly sensitive introvert and I love and appreciate my quiet strengths now, but I spent much of my life not feeling good enough and experiencing social anxiety. I missed so many opportunities because I was afraid of being judged harshly, criticised and rejected – and because I doubted that I had the ‘right’ personality to succeed. Quiet Connections exists in part because I had a fantastic coach who helped me to work through old patterns of keeping myself small and hidden so that I could show up and be seen to play my part in creating the more connected, curious and compassionate world that I dream of. Now, I’m passionate about helping quiet people discover their unique qualities, gifts, passions and experiences and explore how best to use these to express themselves more authentically and contribute to the world in a way that works with their quieter or more sensitive nature. Get to know me here.

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