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Quiet Connections’ Unlocking Potential Breakthrough Story

Unlocking Potential have been a great source of support in my journey to growing my own confidence and helping others. 

Five years ago, I joined their Stand Out from the Crowd course to support me in making a career change -it was here I met two of my incredible team members, Michele and Gemma- and since then I’ve been supported in finding and developing in a graduate job and, more recently, starting up Quiet Connections. 

It was here, on their Breakthrough course, that I first received any business support. My seed of an idea began to grow as I, again, stepped outside of my comfort zone and expanded my vision.

You can watch my Breakthrough story below, or read it here.

If you’re a quieter person and you resonate with our work, join the Quiet Community where together we explore our quieter qualities and unique ability to express ourselves as we reframe what it means to be quiet. Become a member now (it’s free!).

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