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Surviving college when you feel anxious about speaking up [PODCAST]

Do you ever worry that you’re ‘too quiet’ in class? Pray that a lecturer won’t pick you to answer the question in front of everyone? Die a little inside when you hear that word… “PRESENTATION”? Perhaps feel concerned about making friends? Or what your peers will think of you?

It can feel hard attending college when we feel this way. Believing that we’ll never be as confident as those around us. We know. Because we experienced this too. And if you’re anything like the way myself and Hayley were, then I bet you feel like you’re alone in your struggles (we certainly did!).

The truth is though, feeling panicked in social and performance situations, like those you face on a daily basis at college, is far more common than you might initially think! In fact, at least 12% of students are experiencing generalised social anxiety, and nearly 50% of students experience fear in specific performance situations, such as delivering a presentation. That’s a lot of you.

So what can you do about it?

Hayley and I discuss in this podcast the challenges we faced whilst at college, where to seek further support, and we share some simple steps to help you feel more calm, courageous and confident with speaking up and being yourself!

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With special thanks to Cornwall College for inviting us to record this podcast for the students.


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