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Available on your favourite podcast player, the Quiet Connections Podcast explores the journey from socially anxious to quietly confident and everything else in between. You'll hear experts with lived experience join us to share their stories and wisdom as we explore ways to help you let go of feeling not good enough; reframing quiet, embracing your imperfections, learning to love who you truly are and show up with courage and confidence.


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How to Get More Calm & Confident in Social Situations

A Quiet Person’s Guide to Gently Stretching Your Comfort Zone at Your Own Pace

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Why How You Are Isn't Who You Are

What Causes Social Anxiety?

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3 Steps for Moving from Loneliness to Connectedness

What You Need To Know About the Experience of Loneliness to Move Beyond It

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Student Resource Pack

Helpful advice and techniques to get you through your course when you're feeling anxious about speaking up