“The more you can focus on building yourself up in areas where you feel weak and exposed, the more you can operate from a place of full empathy -including toward yourself”

~ Brené Brown

Did you know crocheting can have a calming effect when you feel anxious?

These cute little flowers take approximately 3-5 minutes to make, and only require a very small amount of yarn, so you can easily pop them into your bag wherever you may be going. Download your flower pattern now (written in UK crochet terminology).

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How can you grow your confidence in social situations?

The more you push the boundaries of your comfort zone, the more experiences you become comfortable with, the less you feel anxious about -and it’s easier and less scary than you think. Download your three-month ‘comfort zone stretch’ plan here.

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How can practising self-compassion reduce anxiety?

When things don’t go to plan or we make a mistake we can choose to respond with harsh self-criticism or thoughtful self-compassion. One will harm you and the other will support you to succeed. Access a series of tools to support you in being kinder to yourself.

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