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3 tips to stop your mind going blank when speaking

Let me guess, hundreds of thoughts are popping up and racing through your mind every minute of every day. At times you wish your mind would shut up, slow down and be quiet for a moment, right? That is until, someone speaks to you. Just like that, your mind says “buh-bye, I’m outta here” and you’re left without a word or thought to respond with… right when you want them! Pretty frustrating isn’t it?

I’m no stranger to this. I’ve forgotten my own name before when someone I didn’t know attempted to start up a friendly conversation with me. Of course, I knew what my name was. But at that moment, there was nothing. My mind had gone completely blank.

It just so happens to be, that many of us experience this ‘mind blankness’. Most of us feel it’s embarrassing, unhelpful, and gets in the way of us enjoying social interactions too.

So, why does your mind go blank when wanting to speak to someone? And what might you be able to do about it?

In this video, I share a few insights and tips to help your mind get reacquainted with your thoughts and words again (and get them out your mouth!)…

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