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If I can do this, what will you achieve? [Workshop review by Sarah Summers]

Sarah Summers joined us for our first confidence workshop last week, and since then she’s made enough tiny tweaks to achieve some big things! Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We wish you the best of luck on your path to a new career. You are truly quietly confident 🙂

Sarah says…

I was thrilled when Quiet Connections invited me to their first confidence workshop at Cafe Chaos. I’ve recently been learning to manage my anxiety and confidence and I’ve had some coaching with Quiet Connections. When I heard what the workshop would involve, I thought, “Yes! A chance to gain more insight into how I feel, and to meet others that feel similar”.

I felt nervous about joining a group; my anxiety was there. However, once arriving and being greeted by Hayley and Michele, I felt myself relaxing. Cafe Chaos is a beautiful, unique cafe; it holds character and warmth, a lovely place to meet, and an excellent choice.

Ten ladies turned up and by the end of the session, we were chatting with each other and some of us even felt comfortable enough to speak up in the group –and that included me!

Hayley and Michele gave a clear, informative presentation. I was very happy to learn about social anxiety and how the cycle of anxiety works. I learnt breathing techniques that enable my body to feel grounded and relaxed.

Opportunities to discuss between ourselves lead me to learn new coping strategies from others that really will manage my anxiety and boost my confidence.

As a visual learner I was pleased to see diagrams in the presentation, as well as a chance to try out a heart rate monitor that shows the different beats of your heart during anxiety and controlled breathing.

I felt the session really helped me. In fact, the very next morning, I spoke with two new ladies on the pre-school run! I even felt confident enough to move forward with my career plans this week. I signed up for a new course and I even contacted professionals to ask to meet for some advice (I’ll be using the techniques I learned when I meet them!).

Overall, I am so grateful to have this opportunity of being around others who feel like I do; to be able to take away effective methods that will definitely continue to help me in my daily life. To meet two fantastic people who are changing lives for the better.


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