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It’s time to create and eat cake for your mental health

We’re on a gentle mission to quietly and creatively bring people together from all over Cornwall living with feelings of low confidence, social anxiety and depression.

We’re running a Coffee Cake Create evening at Old Bakery Studios on World Mental Health Day (that’s Tuesday 10th October) – and you’re invited. Wait! Before you tell me “I couldn’t possibly, I’m far too anxious,” just hear me out…

Like many others, Stacie and I have both experienced challenges with our mental health and understand firsthand the importance of simply connecting with others who feel the same. There’s so much comfort in hearing the words ‘me too’ and knowing that we don’t have to go through anything alone, isn’t there?

But it’s so easy to keep our thoughts and feelings bottled up. We often try to hide it when we’re finding things challenging in life. We tend to think it’s just us and we might feel ashamed that we aren’t coping as well as we believe we should be. We can very quickly become isolated and feel utterly alone.

You’re not alone

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people every week experience a common mental health problem such as anxiety and depression. 2 in 5 people consider themselves to be shy and at least 1 in 10 are socially anxious.

You see, so many of us are fearful about meeting new people and have a tendency to avoid social situations. Yet, it’s only by connecting with others that you can create a truly understanding support network that will help you move forward so you can start living the life you want.

That’s why Coffee Cake Create is here.

What is Coffee Cake Create?

Coffee Cake Create is a fun and relaxed evening that provides an opportunity for small comfort zone stretches, a place to make new friends, create and enjoy a chat over delicious homemade cakes.

We know that coming to this event is a stretch outside the comfort zones of many people who will be there, and even for Stacie and I. And we also know how important connecting with others is. So we’re doing what we can to help everyone feel at ease.

Our very own Michele will be there to welcome you and our team of Quiet Connectors to support you if you start to feel anxious, all easily recognisable in their Time to Change t-shirts (you can see who’s on the team by clicking here and scrolling down). These are all people who know what’s it’s like to feel anxious in social situations. There will be casual conversation starters around the room and mindful creative activities to serve as a distraction if needed.

You can find out how the smallest creative acts can help to ease feelings of anxiety with mindful colouring activities or learning to create colourful pom poms, and you might just win one of a selection of beautiful self-care experiences and gifts in our raffle.

Deep gratitude to those wonderful people who have donated these incredible prizes and experiences for our raffle – thank you!

Coffee Cake Create will be held at the Old Bakery Studios on World Mental Health Day, October 10th at 6pm-8pm. Everyone is welcome because we all have mental health and we all need an extra pillar of support from time to time.

The event is free to come along and donations are optional. All donations from tickets, cakes or raffle will be going towards Quiet Connections next event on Time To Talk day in February 2018.

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