Jess’ story: Quiet in nature

You know that feeling when you are having a moment to think? You’re sat looking at something you love, you breathe deep and a sense of calm follows. This is what I have with my great love of nature. This love has expanded as I have grown older, developed a business within nature and in now in the passing of this love onto my children.

What is it about nature that I love?

When I am in nature, I can be myself. I do not have to ‘act’ differently. I do not worry about how to talk to people, or how to ‘recover’ when my tongue gets in a twist and I lose my words. My hands don’t get clammy, my stomach doesn’t do back flips and I don’t tense my jaw, neck, shoulders, and back.

When in nature my mind is clear. I am carefree, relaxed and happy in all areas, mind and body. Being in nature means I am me. I am the real me. I am thoughtful, steady yet energised, clear minded and happy. I feel at one with nature and my confidence increases, I feel happier within.

How does being quiet in nature affect me?

When I am quiet in nature it is like a fog has been lifted; everything is sharply in focus and I can see clearly. Sitting in a field where I live, I feel all sensations from the grass between my toes to the breeze in my hair and the sun on my face. I feel warm and being quiet is ok. Being quiet is good. Being quiet is amazing! I see peregrine falcons, I see robins, sparrows and swallows. I hear grasshoppers. I see the pink hue’s of wild orchids, the greenish white of cowslips and the yellow of celandines. I smell the earth.  The summer sun warms every part of nature releasing varied smells. Being quiet is me. . . .

What does being quiet in nature have to do with Quiet Connections?

Quiet Connections (QC) is a group of people with whom I can have this feeling whilst being in a ‘normal’ setting, whether that be the corner of a café, a front room or a place of work. I am not immersed in nature but still have the thoughtful, steadily energised, clear minded and happy feel, yet I am with people, people who I don’t know.

How does that work I hear you say. Well, everybody, every single person involved with QC are all ‘quiet’ in their own beautiful way. They share similar worries to me, so they know what I’m going through in the moment that I have gained the courage to speak out. They are patient and non-judgemental when I take a while to speak, or when I go the same bright red as a freshly picked tomato, they smile in an understanding way that says ‘Your doing great! Take your time. We appreciate your thoughts and value your comments’. I feel me. I know that around these people, Around Quiet Connections, I can be me, in my own beautifully quiet way. I know with every fibre that being ‘quiet’ is an amazing gift, I love me and I love being quiet. . . . Love your quiet. . . .


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