Naomi’s 5 Relaxing Reads for the Summer

Summer is here and we all know there’s nothing more relaxing than escaping to somewhere quiet and reading a good book! I’d love to know what your favourite book recommendations are for other quieteers… Here’s my list of quieter books that are good for the soul.

1. The Interior Silence by Sarah Sands

Sarah has a busy and overwhelming job. Her mind is constantly buzzing from feeling sensory and information overload. This book explores how she goes from the daily grind (that so many of us have or have had!) to travelling and exploring monastic life. She talks to monks about interior silence and eventually cures her insomnia. This is very real and even talks about the future of AI development.

2. The Emergency Poet by Deborah Alma

A small book of thoughtful and therapeutic poems. Poetry that isn’t long winded or complicated to read. Relaxing.

3. My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell

The perfect book for escapism. I love this book. It’s full of wit, optimism and discoveries. If you enjoy this book you may enjoy “Whatever Happened to Margo?” by Margaret Durrell. Both books are a healthy dose of sunshine.

4. The Walker’s Guide to Outdoor Clues and Signs by Tristan Gooley

The moment you start reading this book you learn about fascinating and otherwise unknown facts about the British countryside. It makes walking much more fun especially when you start recognising and noticing things from the book. A lovely way to reconnect with nature and take your mind off daily life.

5. 99 Things That Bring Me Joy

I love writing lists and organising my thoughts. This journal helped me realise that I have achieved small things that were childhood goals. It’s also helped me realise that I love my life just the way it is. This book is superb for grounding and self-reflection.

I would love to hear your most enjoyable reads in the comments below.


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