New volunteer-led Quiet Meet Up in Liskeard for Quiet Connections

New MeetUp in Liskeard Creating Quiet Connections

Liskeard dance fitness instructor and psychology student, Ellie Zalick, is bringing together people who consider themselves to be quieter to gently make meaningful connections with others in their own way and at their own pace.

As a volunteer connector with Quiet Connections CIC, Ellie is creating a welcoming space for people in Liskeard where it’s okay to talk and it’s okay to be quiet too. Some people attend because they consider themselves more introverted and they’re looking to meet like-minded people, while others may experience social anxiety and want the opportunity to begin connecting with others in a safe space where people understand what it’s like to feel this way.

Ellie says “it’s important to create spaces for quieter people to come together and feel like they belong; a space where they can just be without feeling pressured into speaking or pretending to be loud and outgoing. These meetups really help quieter people to be their authentic self.”

As a quieter person herself, Ellie knows what it feels like to have people telling her to speak, and she wants to make sure that other people never feel bad about themselves because of their temperament. “We need to shine a light on quieter strengths because observation, listening and reflection are important skills to possess too” she says.

Liskeard is one of seven locations for Quiet Connections’ Weekly MeetUps, which are funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, alongside Truro, St Austell, Redruth, Falmouth, Helston, and Hayle.

Michele Cheesman, Community Coordinator for Quiet Connections, says: “It can be a massive achievement for someone to leave their home and attend their first meet up, and there are no expectations of anyone when they join. Just be yourself and enjoy sharing space and connecting in a way that feels good to you. If that means sitting back and observing, or quietly doing some crochet, colouring or even reading a book, that’s absolutely welcomed”

Rose Burch, MeetUp participant at Quiet Connections, says: “I’m grateful for Quiet Connections because they give me a chance to be me without judgement or criticism. I am able to be part of a group socially, in comfort and feeling safe, for the first time in a long time with them. I have a sense of belonging and being cared about. It’s just lovely.”

Quieteers meet every Wednesday from 7:00-9:00pm at Liskeard Public Hall. You can find out more at: www.quietconnections.co.uk/meetups




About Quiet Connections

We are a Community Interest Company based in Cornwall working with and for people who consider themselves to be more introverted, highly sensitive, or experiencing social anxiety. Through framing quiet in a positive light and facilitating meaningful connections and pathways to contributing in ways that honour quieter natures, we aim to create ripple effects of wellbeing for people with quieter temperaments so that they can share their gifts to help create a more curious, compassionate and connected world.

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About The National Lottery Community Fund

We are the largest community funder in the UK – we’re proud to award money raised by National Lottery players to communities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Since June 2004, we have made over 200,000 grants and awarded over £9 billion to projects that have benefited millions of people.

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  • Hayley Stanton

    Hi, I’m Hayley - the original quieteer. I, too, identify as a quiet person. I’m naturally a highly sensitive introvert and I love and appreciate my quiet strengths now, but I spent much of my life not feeling good enough and experiencing social anxiety. I missed so many opportunities because I was afraid of being judged harshly, criticised and rejected – and because I doubted that I had the ‘right’ personality to succeed. Quiet Connections exists in part because I had a fantastic coach who helped me to work through old patterns of keeping myself small and hidden so that I could show up and be seen to play my part in creating the more connected, curious and compassionate world that I dream of. Now, I’m passionate about helping quiet people discover their unique qualities, gifts, passions and experiences and explore how best to use these to express themselves more authentically and contribute to the world in a way that works with their quieter or more sensitive nature. Get to know me here.

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