Join our Pub Quiz Meet Up in Falmouth

Connect with likeminded quieteers for a fun pub quiz at The Working Boat in Falmouth on Sunday 10th December 2023 from 7pm.

This Pop Up Meet Up is designed to help you enjoy something you might not normally do with likeminded people in a calm and gentle way that feels authentic to your true quiet self. It’s a safe space for you to have a go at something fun and perhaps gently stretch your comfort zone as part of a community of quieteers who truly get you.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

Your Meet Up leader

Hi, I’m Alistair

I’ll be leading this Pop Up Meet Up. I’m here to greet you and guide you through the event, as well as answer any questions or concerns that you might have. I, too, identify as a quiet person. I used to struggle to fit in and felt like there was something wrong with me. My quietness often seemed to be an issue and I used to spend my day trying to hide and avoid being in the spotlight. But realising that I’m a highly sensitive introvert was life-changing for me - I finally saw that I wasn’t alone and there was nothing wrong with me; I had genuine reasons for some of my choices and behaviours. Joining an Introvert Meet Up group helped me to meet other introverts who also felt the same way. Now I’m passionate about helping people embrace their introversion and to feel quietly confident through connecting with like-minded quieteers, and I would love to have you join me at a Meet Up so you can do just that.

What to expect

It's all fun & questions...

We write our answers to various rounds of questions on different subjects as a team - while some rounds are extremely specific (like the Shakespeare round from last time), others are more general. Whether you're known as a fount of knowledge or you're someone who will wake up in the night with the answer, you're very welcome to join in for some fun. If there are more than eight of us quieteers, then we’ll enter two teams. Last time our team of seven players emerged victorious. But it is all very much in the spirit of fun and a nice way to quietly connect with others. If we get the last place prize of teabags, then we'll be very happy!

A relaxed, welcoming environment

The quiz takes place within the cosy Working Boat pub. With a bit of luck, we'll be looking out over Falmouth Harbour, watching the sun set as we quiz.

A community of understanding

Our gentle-natured group leaders and the quieteers attending our Meet Ups are likely to share similar feelings and experiences with you. So here you can connect with people who truly get you - and feel part of a supportive, welcoming community as we explore something new and have fun together.

Meeting up

The quiz starts at 7:30pm. We will aim to meet at around 7pm, which gives us plenty of time to come up with a team name! Al will be there earlier to save a table outside of the pub (or inside if it's wet). If you sign up below, then we will provide Al's contact details so that you can get in touch if you need to for any reason. And he'll be happy to come and find you if you would like to be met outside the pub. 

What to bring 

You don't need to bring anything - you can get yourself a drink here, though you might choose to bring a warm jumper to put on as the sun sets.

Where to find us

The Working Boat

Greenbank Quay, Harbourside, Falmouth, TR11 2SR

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Getting here

  • By car: There's parking on the surrounding residential streets (Stratton Terrace/Place and towards High Street). The nearest Car Park is Town Quarry, 11 mins walk.
  • By train: The nearest station is Penmere which is about a 30min minute walk (1.1 miles). 
  • By bus: The closest bus station is The Moor, approximately 10 minutes away from on foot. Plan your route here

If you would like any more detailed information about getting to our Meet Up, check out The Working Boat's website here - we’ll also be very happy to send this to you in an email. Just contact Al on

How to join in

You don’t have to register to come along - it’s okay to simply turn up on the day (and it's free to attend!). However, if you know in advance that you’re going to come along it would be really helpful if you could sign up using our booking form here. This means we can say hello and answer any of your questions before you come along, we can easily contact you if there are any changes to the schedule, and you'll be sent our contact details to reach out if you need to. It’s your choice though. Either way, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you and our other quizzing quieteers on the Sunday evening around 7:00pm - it's a great way to finish the weekend.