Your best self: the path to quiet confidence

Group training & coaching to help you fulfil your (quiet) potential

Feel more confident in social situations, make genuine connections and show up for the opportunities you deserve.

Your best self: the path to quiet confidence

How our group programme can help

  • Does your heart race and your mind go blank if you ever have to speak up in a group?
  • Are you craving meeting new people and making deeper connections – but you find yourself avoiding conversations when the situation arises?
  • Or perhaps you do say something, but then you relentlessly worry that it was the wrong thing and that people are going to judge you?

If you’re ready to feel seen and heard and to grab new opportunities with both hands…we’re here for you.

If you often search Google for ‘How to be more confident’ or ‘How to make friends with social anxiety’, you are not alone. Feeling this way is common – we know because we’ve been there too.

Throughout our own journeys from feeling socially anxious to quietly confident, we’ve come to realise that there are many puzzle pieces involved, from updating your thought patterns to developing healthy coping strategies and gently stretching your comfort zone.

In this online training programme our experienced group training programme leaders will teach the key lessons we’ve taken from over a decade of research, counselling, reading, coaching and courses, so you can start living a life that’s true to your quiet self – and filled with enriching relationships with likeminded people.

If you think that this is something that you might benefit from, we’d be honoured to support you. The first step is to fill in an application form to secure your space on our next course, starting Autumn 2023.

“I feel better about who I am and more proud of myself as a quieter person.”

“Being in touch with you already feels life changing. I feel better about who I am and more proud of myself as a quieter person. I have become more accepting of any struggles I have. I am actually surprised how many wins I have had since the programme started. The surprising thing is that I didn't necessarily plan a lot of these as a comfort stretch, but I seem to be pushing myself to do new things anyway.

I would like to thank QC so much for such an amazing course, and especially my coach for being a really great support and always willing to give her time. I feel that I have learnt a lot and have grown a lot as a result of the programme and most importantly, I know that I am not alone and am looking forward to continuing as a member of the quiet community!”

Hannah, East Midlands

What does the training programme involve?

The 12 week programme consists of weekly hour-long sessions delivered online by one of our coach team. They’ll cover all sorts of tools and strategies to help you reduce anxiety in social situations, recognise your strengths and gently stretch your comfort zone so you can grow in confidence and move closer to the life that you want.

As well as the training sessions you’ll get:

  • Private messaging coaching support between sessions
  • A Comfort Zone Stretch workbook to help you tailor your own plan
  • Guides for ‘Value exploration’, ‘Seeing the good in you’ and ‘Coping strategies’ 
  • Toolkits for ‘Anchoring confidence’ and ‘Taking the power out of our negative thoughts’
  • Weekly reflective journaling prompts
  • Calming and self-compassion meditations, narrated by our coaches
  • Permission slips & affirmation templates
  • Weekly Quieteer Pod support calls 
  • Community support and the chance to connect (and celebrate wins!) with likeminded people in our private group
  • …and more.

Investment: £297 (you can pay in full or split the cost over three monthly payments of £99)

“Quickly I've become something like the person I wanted to be.”

“I've been most surprised at how quickly I've become something like the person I wanted to be and how taking gradual steps to stretch my comfort zone - which had shrunk in recent years - had made that easy to do. When I was driving home after completing the last stretch of my plan - going for a six-mile walk with a group of around 25 people I had never met before - I had such a strong feeling of pride in myself that I had not felt for some time.

I'd recommend Quiet Connections programme to anyone who experiences social anxiety to any degree - even if you feel too introverted or not introverted enough to take part. QC will help with whatever you want to achieve or whoever you want to work towards becoming. Hayley, Stacie and Phil talk to you on your level (they're Quieteers too!) and they are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, inspiring, patient, kind coaches. And they're great company in the live sessions!”

Andrew Jones, UK

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Our work together begins with you answering a few pre-session questions in our ‘getting to know you’ form. You’ll also be introduced to your Assigned Coach and Quieteer Pod members who will take every step with you as you walk this path. You’ll be building a 'Quiet Confidence Toolkit' of strategies to reduce anxiety and boost your confidence, and you’ll be practicing what you’re learning with guided between-session actions. Alongside this, you'll be gently stretching your comfort zone with a ton of support - this means encouragement and coaching to help you get over any little bumps in the road to quiet confidence.

Here are some topics we will be exploring together:

Setting you up for success!

Together, we’ll be busting old confidence myths, mapping out the path to quiet confidence and sharing a helpful technique to master the tools you’ll be picking up in this programme so you can easily implement your new strategies into your daily life to reduce anxious feeling and grow your confidence.

Letting go of negative thoughts

You’ll discover why your thoughts do not reflect reality. We’ll gently challenge the way that you think about both yourself and the social situations you experience and you’ll pick up new methods to explore ‘what else could be true?’ and reframe unhelpful thoughts to create space for positive possibilities.

Calming anxious feelings

You’ll be adding foundational techniques to your toolkit that are easy-to-use to bring yourself back into the present moment, calming feelings of anxiety. You’ll take away 3 helpful strategies from this session that you can use before, during and after social situations for you to put into practice.

Seeing the Good in You 

You’ll be discovering your unique strengths and values and uncovering ‘blind spots’, expanding the way that you see yourself. With this greater self-awareness, you’ll be increasing your sense of self-worth, taking a more realistic view of your potential and actually growing to like who you are.

Dialling down your inner critic

You’ll be increasing your self-kindness and self-empowerment by identifying patterns of thinking that keep you ‘stuck’ and upgrading the way that you speak about yourself and your challenges. You’ll also learn to self-soothe and increase your motivation by adding self-compassion practices to your toolkit.

Comfort zone stretch planning

You’ll be creating a personalised plan to gently stretch your comfort zone and grow your confidence at your own pace, identifying small steps you can take to help you feel more comfortable in social situations. You’ll consider the resources and strengths you have available to you that can help you to take action, and your plan will be reviewed by a coach to make sure you’re staying in the ‘stretch zone’ and out of the ‘panic zone’.

...and taking action at your pace

You’ll carry out self-chosen activities that gently stretch your comfort zone and grow your confidence at your own pace with a ton of support! In addition to the ongoing support you get throughout the programme (listed below), you’ll also get a live coaching session each week where we celebrate your wins and explore challenges and how to overcome these together. Of course, we do this in a gentle and inclusive way, offering you the options to share your questions, wins and challenges anonymously before the session or to type them into the chatbox (we’ll never expect you to be on camera though we’re happy for you to stretch your comfort zone with us!)

Your best self: the path to quiet confidence is designed for people who are introverted, highly sensitive or shy and feeling low in confidence or socially anxious. Whether you're barely leaving the house, or you're working but wanting to improve your relationships or career prospects, you’ll stretch your comfort zone to achieve more than you once thought possible.

Your best self is currently running online and will continue to be delivered virtually once a year, we believe that this is the best way to make it accessible for the people who need it.

If you don’t think that you can do an online course and you would prefer to attend in-person in Cornwall, please click here to make sure you’re on our mailing list for more information about any upcoming programmes.

Your Quieteer Pod is a small group of 3-4 people who you will be personally connected with each week. Essentially, these people are your very own travel buddies. The intention of the Pod connection is to provide priceless additional support, motivation, encouragement and reassurance throughout the programme.

Your Quieteer Pod is a truly valuable part of this experience. We know this, because we have been a Pod ourselves! The three of us took Shirzad Chamine’s Positive Intelligence programme together (we called ourselves the Dolphin Pod!), so we can safely say that, having taken courses both with and without being a part of a ‘Pod’, we’re 100% Pod converts! We’ve experienced the benefits first-hand and we agree it makes you feel more supported and understood. You’re more engaged and motivated and you stay on track more easily when you’re a part of a Pod. You do what you say you’ll do because you know you’ll be checking in with your buddies, and if you haven’t done it, they’re going to be kind and curious about what’s holding you back - so you get some bonus informal coaching to help you work through any little ‘blocks’ too!

Your role as a Pod Quieteer is to bring your excellent listening skills, curiosity and kindness to the group - you know, those lovely quiet strengths you already have. But you won’t be left to make conversation by yourself; you’ll have a guide for what to share in each Pod Meeting.

You’ll decide between you when to connect each week. We highly recommend a FaceTime or WhatsApp Video Call even though we know this will be a stretch - that’s the point. You know you’re all in the same boat and so stretching together is easier, and seeing each other’s faces helps you to create that strong bond.

Beyond Your best self, your Pod connection is likely to stay strong and we recommend continuing meeting with each other as you continue to put into practise everything you’ve learned so you keep stretching & growing together.

No. We know how uncomfortable that can feel, so whilst we will be on camera, you don’t have to be (though we do love to see you!). You can easily ask questions and share your thoughts and experiences with us in the chat box. The programme is designed so that you can interact only as much as you feel comfortable.

We encourage you to attend each session live so that you can get the most out of the programme and your time with us! However, we know that sometimes stuff just happens - sometimes we get sick, or the kids are running riot and the babysitter has let us down; or we've been rostered to work even though we requested it off; or the parents have travelled 3 hours to surprise you with an unannounced visit and now you're cooking for everyone - Nothing is certain in life and we know you can’t guarantee 100% attendance, so if something like that happens and you can’t join us live, you’ll have a recording of the session available to you so you can catch up before the next session.

Naturally you’ll want to complete actions between sessions to integrate what you’ve learned into your life, or nothing will change for you - and we know you want change! So after each module, you’ll have bitesize actions to complete. This could be doing a comfort zone stretch you’ve chosen, trying out a new technique, taking a strength assessment, or reflecting on your progress using our journal prompts. You’ll also want to practice using your Quiet Confidence Toolkit everyday, and we’ll explain how you can do this successfully in the sessions.

We estimate you’ll spend approximately 3-4 hours a week working through the programme. It really depends how much you want to put into it (and as with everything you get out what you put in). But to be clear, let’s break down the necessary commitment:

  • One hour for the live lesson each week.
  • 30 minutes for your weekly Pod Meeting on a day chosen by you and your group.
  • Around 1.5hrs to complete your between-session actions and reflections.

The programme is run by certified coaches: Hayley Stanton, Stacie Clark and Phil Williams. Each are professionally trained coaches with certifications that include: NLP Practitioner; Blue Health Coach; Quantum Human Design Specialist; Positive Psychology Practitioner, mBIT Coach (that's multiple brain integration techniques); Action Learning Facilitator; Suicide Intervention Skills… in fact, they’re always studying, training or researching something valuable.

But, most importantly, each have their own experiences of travelling the path from socially anxious to quietly confident - they know what it’s like to be where you are right now and they’ve figured out a way through that social anxiety for themselves, and have since helped 100s of people walk that path too.

The cost of the programme is £297 (which is obviously super value for what you get!). You can pay in full or split the cost over three monthly payments of £99.

We also have two scholarship spaces available for two fully funded spaces on each programme. If you would like to apply for one of these scholarships, you can do so on a separate form - you can do this when registration opens.

The next date is yet to be announced. Be the first to know by getting on the waitlist here.