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How to Get More Calm & Confident in Social Situations

A Quiet Person’s Guide to Gently Stretching Your Comfort Zone at Your Own Pace

As someone who feels anxious in social situations, you probably try to avoid them whenever possible. Deep down, you really want to be able to face those situations with calm and confidence, so that you can join in and achieve the things you want to in life. But how, when all you feel is panic right now?

This free workbook will teach you exactly what you need to do over the next six weeks to start feeling at ease in social situations so that you can finally begin showing up and joining in the way that you want.

With this free workbook, you will learn:

  1. Why avoiding social situations is the biggest mistake you can make if you want to grow your confidence
  2. How a comfort zone stretch can keep you out of the panic zone
  3. The 5 foundations of setting an intention that you feel motivated and capable of achieving
  4. How to create your own 6-week plan in 4 simple steps
You'll even see real-life examples from a plan created by a young woman we worked with who went from being too afraid to leave the house, to going into town alone and ordering a drink at a cafe!

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"I've moved miles away from my comfort zone to places I never thought I'd be able to deal with. I didn't think it could work but it really helped me."

- 1:1 coaching client who used the Comfort Zone Stretch process

This workbook is perfect for you if:

  • You feel anxious just thinking about social situations
  • You’ve been discouraged by the panic you’ve felt in past situations, and getting back out there feels overwhelming and nearly impossible
  • You’ve been struggling with everyday social situations. You try to show up and join in but it’s hard, so you mostly stay home, turning down invitations to avoid feeling the fear

We know what it’s like to feel unable to do the social stuff that everyone else seems to find so easy; to miss out on opportunities, fun and connection, and to worry about how this will affect your future. That’s why we’ve created ‘How to Get More Calm & Confident in Social Situations’ – to take you from feeling panicked and avoiding to finally understanding how to get comfortable showing up in life.

Get your free workbook delivered straight to your inbox now