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Is the Quiet Connections Podcast for You?

This podcast is for you if you feel anxious or panicky in social situations; or maybe you consider yourself to be shy, “too quiet” or socially anxious; or perhaps you just feel like you’re not good enough. Right now, you might be struggling with everyday tasks that other people seem to find easy, or avoiding social situations for fear of rejection and criticism.

These challenges are actually really common. But because they’re things that people don’t tend to talk about, you can see how easily we can feel alone, broken and like we don’t fit in. We have been there too. Held back by fear and anxiety, keeping ourselves small and quiet, afraid to be seen and heard.

That’s why we feel it’s so important to start these conversations - and the whole reason that this podcast exists for you. We’re speaking the unspoken so that you know you’re not alone and you don’t need fixing. We want you to see that you can do more, achieve more and be more successful and connected than you probably think you can right now. And we want to help you to collect some of the important puzzle pieces that help us manage those anxious feelings and start showing up...

What will you get from the podcast?

You'll join Hayley & Stacie on a journey from socially anxious to quietly confident, discovering the puzzle pieces along the way that will help you to let go of feeling like you're not good enough and grow your own courage, confidence and self-compassion.

You'll hear from some wonderful special guests as we explore key insights and stories to help you reframe quiet, embrace your imperfections, and love who you truly are. Together, we’ll be diving into topics such as loneliness, self-rejection, mindfulness, coping with criticism, connecting with ourselves and others, dealing with uncertainty, and letting go of the fears that hold us back, like failure and making mistakes.

You’ll be gaining insights from those who have been where you are now, and picking up vital tools and ideas that can help you move towards self-acceptance and practicing self-compassion, to understanding how our thoughts are not our reality, and why how we are isn’t who we are; and how you too can feel calmer, more confident and experience more joy doing the things you really want to.