How to be a Writer with Quiet Connections

write for us

Want to write for us?

You could be the right fit for Quiet Connections if you can answer 'yes' to these questions...

  • Do you have lived experience of feeling socially anxious, shy and not good enough?
  • Do you enjoy writing and have some good ideas for your next article?
  • Do you have great attention to detail, spelling and grammar?
  • Have you been reading our blog?

What can you share?

We like to share articles that clearly;

  • reassures others that they're not alone in feeling socially anxious, shy or not good enough
  • supports people in managing their emotions and growing confidence
  • raises awareness amongst families, friends, educators, employers and health and social care professionals about what it's like to live feeling this way; the challenges faced; and what they can do to help
  • is aligned with our brand values and tone of voice (click the button below to download)

Your article checklist for submission

√  My article has a message, lesson or purpose that's clear and of value to the reader

√  My article is aligned with Quiet Connections' brand values and tone of voice

√  My article is between 600 and 1500 words

√  I have written my name and email address at the top

√  I agree to my article being edited and published on

√  I have shared my post on an editable Google Doc, adding as an editor (we’ll be notified of this, and will review and edit the article within a month)

√  Any video content is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo with a link sent to the same address


Will you give feedback on my submission?

We will review all submissions and do our best to respond to everyone, though we cannot give detailed feedback and at busy times, it may not be possible to reply to everyone. If you haven't had a response from us within 6 weeks please assume that your submission has not been successful this time, but we'll be happy for you to try again.

Is there anything to watch out for in my writing?

Yes, please make sure that you have read Quiet Connections' brand guidelines which gives some examples of phrases to avoid and what you could use instead. Please also avoid generalising and stereotyping, staying mindful that our experiences are unique to us. If you find yourself writing "you feel like this" or "you do that", please think about starting again with "I feel/do". We appreciate the courage to own your stories and share those vulnerabilities.

What style should I be writing in?

Write as if you're having a conversation with someone; using everyday, simple language. Short sentences, bullet points and paragraphs with subheadings make an article easier to read. Please be sure to use UK English! You may include links from reputable sources, including other articles from Quiet Connections.

Will my post be edited?

It's likely your post will be edited to ensure it flows well and meets Quiet Connections guidelines. We will do our best to maintain your tone of voice and you can check this before publishing via Google Docs.

Will my article be published under my name?

We publish articles from infrequent contributors under a 'Guest Writer' profile including your name within post.

However, we'll be keen to add regular writers (publishing a minimum of 6 articles year) as an author in the team. If you plan on writing for us regularly, please add a note to your submission and let us know how regularly you intend to write for Quiet Connections.

You'll just need to include a short bio and headshot along with your article to have your profile set up.

What shall I write about?

The choice is yours! We just ask that it clearly fits with the themes under "What can you share?" above. We love seeing you write about those topics you're really passionate about, and sharing your own personal experiences and learnings. For some ideas to get you started, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Can I choose a photo?

Yes you can choose a photo. Photos you have taken yourself are especially welcome. Otherwise, please make sure that the photo is free for commercial use
with no attribution required. Do not copy images from Google or other sites as we are legally unable to use many of these images.

Writer's block?

Here's some topic ideas to get you started...

  • 4 creative ways to ease anxiety
  • How I’m embracing my quiet strengths
  • What I wish my employer/teacher knew...
  • How to support a friend when they’re feeling socially anxious
  • 10 celebrities who have felt socially anxious
  • My top 5 confidence building exercises
  • What happened when I went to my doctor about feeling socially anxious
  • An introverts' guide to getting married/going to university/networking
  • How I found the courage to...
  • What if there's a better way to interview?
  • 6 ways to start a conversation
  • What it's like to have a panic attack
  • How I learnt love networking
  • How I'm stretching my comfort zone
  • 5 good reasons to stop avoiding social situations
  • What I would change about college
  • How I overcame the fear of public speaking
  • 3 best tips for overcoming imposter syndrome
  • What not to say to me when I am feeling anxious
  • How I helped my family to understand social anxiety
  • The 2 biggest challenges of my life as someone experiencing social anxiety
  • What I need my partner to understand when I'm feeling socially anxious
  • The strategies I used to pass my driving test
  • 7 unspoken rules for being friends with an introvert
  • How I wanted to be supported as a shy student
  • 4 ways to turn small talk into meaningful conversations