Confidence workshops

We can deliver a variety of workshops, sharing knowledge and techniques to support personal growth, increasing understanding and self-awareness. Topics that can be covered include:

Changing your thinking
Seeing the good in you
Choosing healthy coping strategies
Stretching your comfort zone
Quietening your inner critic
Understanding your loved one's experience

Seeing the good in you

Krowji, Redruth | Friday 3rd August, 10:30-1:30pm

Quietening your inner critic

Krowji, Redruth | Friday 13th July, 10:00-1:00pm

Tiny tweaks to grow your confidence

Krowji, Redruth | Tuesday 10th July, 18:00-20:00pm

Seeing the good in you

Krowji, Redruth | Friday 6th July, 10:00-1:00pm

We run regular social and public speaking workshops in Truro, bringing people together to practise using your speaking abilities in a supportive space so you can grow your confidence in speaking out in your everyday life.

Social Speaking: second Monday of the month.

Public Speaking: last Thursday of the month.

Who will you meet?

Our workshops are delivered by our team of Coaches and Counsellors; Hayley Stanton, Stacie Clark, Caroline Wade and Ian Trustrum.

Stacie Clark
Caroline Wade, Young Persons Coach
Ian Trustrum, Counsellor

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