Training Programmes

Quiet Connections is supporting people to grow their confidence when they're feeling socially anxious, shy and not good enough so they can progress in their education, career and personal relationships, ultimately, achieving more in all areas of their lives.

But there's so much more that YOU can do, as education professionals and employers, to better support people who feel this way.

When you are aware of the issues faced when feeling socially anxious, you are better able to recognise, support and show genuine empathy to people in need of support who may not wish to draw attention to themselves by asking for help.

Our training can contribute to greater confidence and skills for professionals to support individuals and reduce anxiety (on both sides), leading to decreased rates of absence from education or work; increased confidence, attendance and participation; improved performance; greater employability and better relationships. 

We help professionals increase their confidence in taking reasonable steps to help individuals overcome significant barriers to reaching their potential. For the person who’s struggling, this means they can more easily access compassionate support and feel understood with increased likelihood of early helpful intervention.

We will tailor our approach according to your need and key issues and your training will be delivered by people with lived experience of the mental health challenges we are exploring.

"Thank you very much for your session on Wednesday, it was a great help and I have to admit that as much as I think I am on the same wave length as my students, there are certainly lots of emotions about being young that I have buried in my mind, so thank you for unlocking those..."

- Cornwall College

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